Biden Appoints Podesta at New Climate Adviser

Joe Biden continues to fill his administration with corrupt officials from administrations past.

The latest addition really has conservatives up in arms.

John Podesta, a former Clinton adviser, has now been added to Biden’s team as a climate adviser.

All the Crooks in One Place

Podesta has been the target of conservative attacks for years.

The name is and has been one of the more controversial names in politics for years.

This week, Biden named John Podesta as an adviser in the one area of this administration where all the crooks are settling… climate change.

Biden announced, “We are fortunate that John Podesta will lead our continued innovation and implementation.

“His deep roots in climate and clean energy policy and experience at senior levels of government mean we can truly hit the ground running to take advantage of the massive clean energy opportunities in front of us.”

It took about five seconds for critics to point to the corrupt nature of Podesta and the fact that Biden continues to reward some of the most controversial members of the Democrat Party that helped him get elected.

Becker News chief editor and CEO Kyle Becker stated, “Meet John Podesta. He is a veteran political operative.

“He is now Biden’s climate adviser.

“He will manage a $370 billion climate slush fund. Meet John’s brother Tony Podesta.

“He was paid $500,000 by BLACKLISTED Chinese firm Huawei to lobby the Biden White House. Any questions?”

All Joe Biden continues to prove is that he may have the most corrupt administration of any Oval Office occupant we have seen in modern history.

Source: Fox News


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18 Responses

  1. Corrupt and illegitimate president appoints corrupt staff members so all of them can screw the Americans in lockstep. The Podesta crime minions should be watched as closely as the person whom they follow so faithfully – the teflon-coated Hildabeast. Slow Joe just never fails in ptting his foot in “it.” Can you imagine the stench left when he is finally out of the White House?

    1. I’m afraid to think about it, but that’s the reason we need Trump! He’s the only one who has a backbone strong enough to deal with these thugs!

  2. America can’t afford another 2 1/2 years with this pathetic DemoRat as our president & the Obama gang pushing him! Trump had to pick up the pieces after Obama’s terrible 8 years of defunding our military & disrespecting our police!!! Trump cleaned us up, in spite of ALL the disrespect/lies thrown at him!!! President Trump, go get them again. WE NEED YOU!!!
    George Sorros needs to get OUT of America’s elections & our government NOW!!!


    1. Don’t forget the black trash that occupied the “Peoples House” for 8 long years. The stench from them still lingers.

  4. Podesta comes as no shocker. What should we expect but corrupt people in corrupt administrations. Probably holding a spot now for Liz Cheney as soon as she looses her fake spot as a Republican. Then she can make room for her dear old dad too.

  5. Yeah, Biden is now paying all of those that PAID for his election!!! But don’t worry, President Trump will fix all of this!

  6. You will see all the fired FBI show up somewhere. Thieves and crooks work together. They have no shame. None of them stand for Make America Great Again or put it back the way it was 2 years ago. They don’t want our country to succeed because their money train from China, Russia and Ukraine will be cut off.

  7. Trump is not going to “fix” anything, now. He had his chance to do so, to stave off Yhwh God’s wrath for a time, but failed to do what he was put in office to do: gather religious leaders, & lead a national repentance for all our national sins. He wasn’t put in to drain the swamp in his own strength; that would’ve followed repentance naturally, in God’s way. But he chose to do it his way, & failed, so was removed. He’s not going back.

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