POLL: Biden Approval Rating Dips Below 50 Percent

The latest Rasmussen poll has delivered some pretty bad news for Joe Biden.

Biden’s approval rating in the latest survey has dipped to 49 percent, down six points from as recently as late May.

This trend is showing in other polls as well, so buyer’s remorse is clearly starting to take its toll on Joe’s rating.

Buyer’s Remorse

When Biden first moved into the White House, many moderates who just wanted Trump out were more than happy to give Biden a thumbs up.

The movers had barely left when Biden was tickling 70 percent in approval rating, but that changed rather quickly.

We have seen a slow and steady decline, to the point that even a recent Politico/Morning Consult poll had him at 52 percent.

Between Biden’s slew of gaffes, his inability to unite Congress and/or the country, and the complete debacle that is Kamala Harris, Americans are finally starting to realize they were sold a false bill of goods.

By the end of this summer, with inflation already kicking in, we would expect Biden to be deep in the red and Democrats struggling to keep their death grip on Congress.

Source: Breitbart

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11 Responses

  1. Biden’s rating is probably about 10%. He is an IDIOT… He needs to be sent to China with his son Hunter!!!

  2. who in Gods name are these people even polling because i for one have never been asked to answer any polls on him and no one i know has been so where are they even getting 49% because i cant find one person in this country who has any thing good to say about him or his performance and i deal with a lot of people on a daily bases

  3. The polls are being run by piglosi and mad maxine and even those two idiots can break 50% on a rigged poll .. totally pathetic!! .. 🤮

  4. Im sure the polls are much lower than 50%……..joe and the ho are illegal racist, UNAmerican wanna bes…..

  5. Joe Biden is ruining our country right before our eyes. Worse President in my life of 66 years. Don’t believe the polls. Will never believe we had a legitimate election. I pray for us all.

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