Biden Asking for More Than $26B for COVID and Monkeypox Funding

Joe is getting out the checkbook again.

According to reports, Biden is about to ask Congress for $22.4 billion in COVID funding and another $3.9 billion for Monkeypox funding.

Free test kits were suspended on Friday due to the lack of funding.

Need More Money

With money running low, an official stated, “Without additional funding, we will have to make more difficult decisions.”

Let me ask this question…

How much money has this administration allowed to be diverted from COVID to other programs?

Additionally, let’s not forget that a nice chunk of that $1.9 trillion package was NOT for anything related to COVID.

Had they not diverted funds or retaken funds that were not spent on COVID, this would not be a problem.

Instead, Democrats saw an opportunity, so they took and started feeding money to pet projects.

I have always stated that every spending bill that is passed should have a dedicated ledger on a government website to provide transparency in spending.

I think the American people would be floored by how much money is wasted or diverted to other projects rather than what they are told the money is being spent for.

You want the real reason this country is now more than $30 trillion in debt… there is never any accountability for wasteful spending.

Source: The Hill

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35 Responses

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  2. Why isn’t somebody stopping him, even the Dems & Rhinos must realize this should not happen!! Damm when are these positions going to do something to stop this crazy old fool

    1. I do not understand this myself. Is a President, especially one who is mentally ill, allowed to spend as much as he wants without any restrictions or someone to stop him? This is a total disgrace and the ruination of the United States of America. I’m on my last leg, but fear for my grandchildren and yours. G-d help us all. The whole Administration stinks to high heaven and no one seems to be able to do a darn thing about it. They do not have any baytzim – and that includes the women!

      1. Well that is what we get with Biden. He even took our money and built a very expensive wall around his personal home. Biden is a thief and should be arrested!

  3. need to stop this old feble man!!!! let him use his own money!!!! for these stupid b.s programs…he thinks that this money is his personal piggy bank…NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!!

    1. The dems outnumber the Rs. They have complete control. Unless the Rs have the majority in the House and in the Senate nothing can be done to stop the Fascist dems.

    1. So right Connie. I figure the bad behavior by the people who are infected caused this problem then they should have to pay out of pocket for the treatment. Why should good hard-working taxpayers and senior citizens on fixed incomes foot even more bills for people who should know better but can’t control themselves.

    1. The entire World, all knows, he is a Total Failure, Evil, Compulsive Liar, Criminal, Marxist, Fascist Mad Men, just like Hitler.

      1. COVID is yesterday’s news. We barely hear anything about it anymore. So here is my opinion, he needs more money for is special immoral interests or he knows something (concerning COVD) that only he and his cronies no about. That is a very scary thought. Weren’t they behind the initial outbreak of this man made virus? Call me a conspiracy theorist all you want, I really don’t care. They have made me this way.

        1. Barbara, I agree with you and I’m no conspiracy theorist either. To me it just seems like we have common sense. Waiting for the truth from this administration ain’t never gonna happen. I stopped at the first 2 shots, them read up on the whole mess and will not take another. To me years to get the flu shot and only did it to shut my doctor up.

  4. It’s not just ‘Bungling Biden’ it’s the whole administration. There are enough Rino’s to stop this for ‘We the people’ but they are bowing their heads to gain favor with the ‘Constitutional Demo Squad’. Ain’t that right ‘Sissy Mitch’ and ‘Betrayer Pence’?

  5. We can’t afford it!! He’s asking to be taken out with his divisive speech on Thursday. The American people are very upset and when you keep pushing on us expect bad things to start happening. Biden is pure evil-Satan worshiper.

    1. Unfortunately, Helen, that is exactly what Joe Biden and all the Democrats want to happen that we get mad enough to start fighting. They want an excuse to kill us like Bill Gates wants to happen. He said we need to get down to 500,000 people in all the world and the Democrats have been looking for a way to kill a lot of Americans off and having another Civil War would just be the solution. So stop even thinking about fighting anybody because the Democrats would just use that as an excuse to kill us in defense???

  6. I thought Congress held the pursestrings. Oh yeah, the Dems hold congress. When the Republicans take over lets take the money from their salaries.

  7. How many people will come forward to sign a lawsuit against Biden? If they don’t this stuff
    will only get worse till he totally breaks the country. A good attorney that will put forth the constitution,
    about Illegal acts he’s already commited, can stop this, and hold him accountble But–will the people
    do this–or just continue to cripe till we are a communist nation?? People donate to all kinds of things
    all the time-are they willing to donate to save their country?? We need millions of people to put their
    money where their mouth is–and yes–huge marches in the street all across the country!!

    1. Peaceful marches across the country! Don’t let the Democrats fool you they want us to fight, so they can legally kill us like Bill Gates wants to depopulate the United States by a lot!!

    2. Right on if our elected officials don’t have the guts to fight for us then what are we to do. Why don’t they ( republicans) that are losing their midterms have ads that show their dems how Biden has ruined this country. Like gas prices, drag Queen parades, food prices, inflation, letting in drugs, with walk Thur borders, teachers union that force our tregender ideas and can’t teach basic math & reading. Fight!!!!!!

  8. Democrats think money grows on trees ! When will this crap stop. The American people will have to repay all that they are spending and throwing away! This needs to STOP!

  9. As long as the Dems keep handing out free money and stuff so people will vote for them, this nonsense will never stop. If the Republicans in this Country ever stop working then the Democratic Cities will be in trouble because there won’t be anyone to pay the taxes.

  10. We the people of the United States of America still have Freedom Of Speech!!! It’s time to Impeach President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris along with the whole Biden administration and shut them down and remove everyone of them from Office Immediately without any lifetime pensions or benefits whatsoever!!!HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY AND ALL TAXPAYERS DOLLARS BEING SPENT!!! This Administration is trying to Bankrupt the United States of America!!! WE MUST STOP THEM NOW!!! Before Its TOO LATE!!! Remember this Administration doesn’t care about we the citizens of the United States of America all they care about is bringing as many illegals as they can get to come and illegal votes for the Democrats!!!! More Voter Fraud!!!

  11. Too bad that Joe doesn’t have a sidekick named Putin. I’d be willing to bet that Joe wouldn’t be a problem for long. So I’ve just gotta wonder if Joe has a food and drink taster these days. Word has it that Vladimir likes to add ingredients to the food and drinks of his competitors.

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