Biden Back Over 40 in Approval Rating

Over the last few weeks, even the polls that had been kind to Joe Biden were betraying him.

Biden was regularly under 40 percent and sinking.

The man goes on vacation, dips out during a crisis, and his approval rating goes up three points in the latest Politico-Morning Consult survey.

Go Figure…

The White House is probably now considering keeping Joe back in the basement.

For the better part of three weeks, Biden was out of circulation with COVID.

As soon as he was cleared, he went to South Carolina to live it up at a $20 million mansion in a very secluded area of South Carolina.

Point is, Biden has barely been visible, yet his approval rating goes up for the first time in ages.

The worst aspect is that the media is pushing whatever nonsense the White House tells them again.

There are a few exceptions, but most pundits are giving Biden a series of big wins, even now referring to this as the “return of Aviator Joe.”

This is not a good sign for Republicans at all.

We now have five key Senate seats in the balance and Biden on the uptick in approval rating.

Red is trending the wrong way with elections only three months away.

Source: The Hill

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31 Responses

  1. These polls/surveys are all CIA run and have as much cred as the NYT, WaPo, AP, which are also CIA run. Since the FBI-CIA-DoD Junta actually run the U.S. w/ Biden as its puppet, of course the polls/surveys will support their puppet.

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      1. nobody – NOBODY gives a rat’s —about your “big bucks” so quit agrivating people with your ranting!!!


      1. Americans all know about Dominion that Hugo Chavez used to cheat in his elections to win because electronic voting systems can duplicate votes, & Ballot drop boxes are Illegal as well , why did the democrats use this voting system when it went in front of Judge Amy Toemburg & a special counsel dominion voting system was deemed not secure , on October 16th 2020. if the director of the Democratic party Barry Soeterro alias Obama , Joe Biden Nancy Pelosi or any one else were honest why would they use dominion Voting system for any American election let alone a Presidential election ??? This is the character traits of these American officials who take the Oath of office , I wish all of their corruption come out & every American citizen receive full monetary compensation for all the damages done to them on & off of the job, past & present from accidents they had due to negligence , on the job, to spiteful misconduct abuse of statues, etc.

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      1. nobody – NOBODY gives a rat’s —about your “big bucks” so quit agrivating people with your ranting!!!

      2. No one gives 2 cents about how much money you are making in more than likely a pyramid scam. Go bark up so other site where someone gives a damn. We do not!!

    1. Yes exactly we’ll all know, we all know now. S*** always surfaces. Then the country will be all right again. They see what we got but now they know what we want. Trump DeSantis

    1. Must be all those illegals he has let into our country backing him up as we surely wound not do that I hope.

  2. Remember hillary manipulated the polls in her attempt to be president, the lied so much they started to believe their own bs.
    We saw how that turned out. Talk to people about the state of our country & you’ll find 90% of the people are not happy & have no confidence in biden or any dem to make America great again.
    These polls are propaganda just like everything from this administration says.
    FJB !!!

    1. You are absolutely right!! There is never any accountability when the Democrats are responsible for corruption. Now, Biden is putting up a FENCE around his waterfront home and the taxpayers are billed for the fence at a cost of $500,000.00. How does he get away with that-Americans are struggling with the inflation that Biden created & he has the nerve of making Americans to pay for it. Furthermore, he’s always on vacation-the office he occupies is a 24/7 job-he always takes off!!

  3. These polls are total BS. We all know Politico is a lying left-wing piece of manure ran by George Soros.

  4. I don’t believe any polls that I can’t voice what I think. That’s why I like the polls that are on my Gmail, because everybody can voice their opinion and that’s bad for the demorats.

  5. More lies from politico….biased contact. If i just ask democrats, i can get a good poll for biden. And, from the consensus i encounter on the streets, Politico polled far more democrats than conservatives and independents.

  6. If a majority of americans are not smart enough to realize this renegade idiot in the white house is screwing this country then we are in big trouble and our nations future is in grave danger !

  7. Biden has failed the american people in every aspect from the unchecked border,hyper inflation ,crime in democratic cities,high fuel prices, wasteful government spending ,corrupt D.O.J. and F.B.I. , failed withdrawl from Afghanistan, destroying our energy production, and failure to address any issues affecting our nation ! This idiot is the worst president in american history; what a disgrace this scumbag is !

  8. We all must get out and vote. I’m very worried that McConnell is annoyed that most of Pres. Trump’s picks for the 2022 have been voted in and he hates Pres. Trump. This is very bad for the Republican Party. McConnell will sit back and possibly sabotage his own party. He doesn’t have that much time left in politics any way and his wife’s family is in bed with the CCP. Whether we like the choices we must vote party line – that is what the democrat marixsts do and it works.

  9. It is true that Democrats are in office primarily because of fraud, but there are still millions of people ignorant/stupid enough to vote Democrat.

  10. Never believe polls. They are just as rigged as the 2016 election was. The dems keep thinking that if they say itm, the public will believe their lies. So they just keep saying untrue things and hope for the best. What a way to run a country.

  11. Yea know what? Any idiot that votes for SNY Democrat deserves the impending even more sever misery that will result from that action! I just wish the rest of us sane people did not haft to live with the moronic idiots decision to do that! Nothing but further fraud and hate of the American people will follow and even more division!

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