Biden Backs Off Divisive Rhetoric at Ohio Event

Joe Biden is trying to trick voters in a key battleground state.

Biden has been slamming MAGA Republicans as of late, but that tone changed a bit on Friday when Biden went to Ohio.

All of a sudden, Biden is back to being Unifier Joe, but it is nothing more than a trap to fool voters in a state where Democrats are trailing.

Don’t Fall for It

Biden was in Ohio on Friday to tout the new Intel Corporation’s $20 billion semiconductor manufacturing plant.

Biden was trying to use the new plant as proof that his economic plan is working for this country.

He was also trying to lure in voters to help a Democrat candidate that is struggling to gain ground against Trump-backed JD Vance.

Not only that, but he also wanted Tim Ryan to bend the knee, as Ryan has not exactly been welcoming to Biden’s policies or his rhetoric.

Biden knows that Democrats need this seat if they are going to have a chance of gaining the outright majority in the Senate.

So, rather than shred the GOP, he actually complimented outgoing Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) and played nice.

In reality, Biden knows that he needs some of those MAGA Republicans currently backing Vance to change sides if Ryan is going to be able to steal this seat away from the Republicans.

Hopefully, Ohioans are smart enough not to fall for this trap by Biden.

If Democrats are able to maintain control of Congress for another two years, there is simply no telling how much more damage Biden will do to this country.

The Ohio Senate seat is one of about five seats we have to have if we are going to pry the gavel out of Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) hands.

Source: Fox News

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Absolutely heartbreaking. We need to treat the poisoning of our children like the national security threat that it is.

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