Biden Botches AR-15 Facts During Angry Speech

Angry Joe is at it again.

Biden’s temper was boiling over during a PA speech on Wednesday.

Biden also started to hold a gun information seminar, only he was completely wrong in everything he said.

Uhm, No

This is Biden on AR-15s…

That is not even close to being true.

According to a recent study, the . 220 Swift, .257 Weatherby Magnum, and .30/378 Weatherby as the fastest rounds, along with 224 Clark and .22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer have the fastest traveling rounds.

The weapons above have round that travel between 3,400 to 4,600 FPS.

AR-15s travel rounds travel between 2,700 to 3,100 FPS.

So, we should expect Twitter to slap Biden’s speech with a misinformation label, right?

They are coming for the Second Amendment, my friends, and they are bringing everything they have.

Source: Fox News

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34 Responses

    1. Plain fact “speed” of a bullet is not as important as where the “bullet” goes. Biden is so STUPID, I doubt if he has ever fired a gun in his life !

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  1. Biden is an idiot plain and simple. I find it hard to believe that so many good people listen to his garbage and get lied to. The man is a disfunctional imbecile, nice puppet Obama.

  2. Joe wouldn’t know the truth even if it slapped his ignorant, lying face. He is the most lying president ever! FJB

  3. An interesting fact about the WOULD BE PRESIDENT, BIDEN, is that he never had a decent rally attendance even before being ELECTED(?), and it is still the same! You don’t have a non-show at your rallies, with your opponent getting tens of thousands attendants at his and convince the American people that you won the presidency!!!
    Like it or not, President Donald J. Trump won the election, but with all the mishandling of the votes, we know good and well the votes were fraudulent against him and those of us who voted for him!!

    1. I’m a retired engineer. It is my nature to double check everything. Most of my work involved public safety, so I had good reason to make sure every number was correct.
      That being said, I don’t know who REALLY won the 202 election !!! Try as I may, I can’t find any place around that has counts that match, or isn’t blocked by “security”. There is so much obfiscation out there that the real ballot counts can’t be trusted. Too many locations reported more votes than they had registered voters. Thousands of mail-in ballots; photos of remote ballot boxes being “fed” at all hours; observers not being allowed; Dominion not allowing ANYONE to check their machines or ballot counts. I can’t find anyway to verify all this, try as I may. The very fact that one party won’t allow a full audit of the election holds a lot of reasons to believe that it wasn’t fair. Also, the fact they REJECT photo ID’s leads one to believe they have reasons to hide their true activities.

  4. Dementia has really got Biden’s brain in a spin. He is as bad as his Press Secretary a lie on a lie but thinks he is telling the truth. When someone questions it he gets mad. He is getting worse by the day. He still has the people that thinks he can do no wrong. They must have enough money that prices isn’t bothing them. Wait till gas is $8.00 and grocery shelves are empty. Than we got the Narcissist Harris which is worse. God Help Us.

  5. Where does Joe get this rubbish he puts out? He’s fast approaching the point at which his lies outnumber his truths. Of course, it’s possible that the truths given were accidental.Thanks Joe

  6. Biden is a nimrod and rarely has any facts right. Senility is partially to blame but his natural stupidity is the top reason he makes MISTAKES or is that running off at the mouth instead?

  7. The little liar dictator has to go, he’s not mentally fit to handle his own personal hygiene, let alone run the country. He’s owned and handled by China, he and his minnows are corrupt and criminals, he rules like he a king. But he’s not and he’s making decisions he’s not fit to make!

  8. Truth doesn’t matter folks. Whatever these people say, their 5 generations of brainwashed mindless children believe every word and immidiately regurgitate it, even adding their own stupidity to it. ( yes im talking about up to 40+ year old children)
    Climate hysteria , guns , slaughtering 3000 babies pet day. They use the perfect semantics game. And the republicans as right as they may or may not be just follow steps behind trying to prove the truth when the democrats have already destroyed truth, and have created whole people groups who are complete slaves.

  9. There are other rounds that are faster also, like the .243 and the 6mm Remington that can travel into the 4,000 fps range. I am sure there are even more than these too. Biden is a big liar and always has been. He tells these lies to try to bend opinions so he can put through legislation that can go directly against our Constitution. He is an insane power grabber and the biggest liar in Washington, other than the rest of the democrats too.

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