Biden Cabinet Pick Likely to Fail Confirmation

The vetting done by Joe Biden to pick his Cabinet has not exactly been stellar.

Even so, the Senate has passed most of them through, but one selection now appears as though she will fail.

This week, Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) stated that he would not support the nomination of Neera Tanden to run the Office of Management and Budget.

Sorry, Joe

Tanden has a very shaky history on social media, saying some very disparaging things about people on both sides of the aisle.

Even Senator Sanders (I-VT) brought this up during her confirmation hearings, raising a lot of alarms as to how Biden even chose this woman.

This is one of those candidates that will need the full support of Democrats because it does appear as though she will not get any support among Republicans.

That being the case, a single “no” on the Democrat side could derail her appointment.

Senator Manchin is now officially a “no,” putting her confirmation at risk.

Manchin stated, “I have carefully reviewed Neera Tanden’s public statements and tweets that were personally directed towards my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, from Senator Sanders to Senator McConnell and others.

“I believe her overtly partisan statements will have a toxic and detrimental impact on the important working relationship between members of Congress and the next director of the Office of Management and Budget.

“For this reason, I cannot support her nomination.”

Even with this pushback, Joe Biden has been defiant in removing her from consideration.

On Friday, the White House issued a statement saying, “Neera Tanden is an accomplished policy expert who would be an excellent Budget Director and we look forward to the committee votes next week and to continuing to work toward her confirmation through engagement with both parties.”

Biden’s only hope is that someone like Senator Romney (R-UT) or another Biden sympathizer crosses over to help get Tanden approved.

We all know how comments such as those Tanden made would have been perceived if she was nominated in a Republican cabinet and people would have every right to be upset about it.

That should not change merely because Biden is nominating her.

This is a truly evil woman and anyone on either side of the aisle that votes to confirm her should publicly have to explain how they can look past these comments and justify putting this woman in a key position in our government.

Furthermore, the media should be in Joe Biden’s face, giving direct quotes from Tanden to him and making him publicly explain his support after the awful things she has said.

Sources: Washington Examiner & Fox News

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