Biden Called Out by Union He Says Endorsed Him

During Joe Biden’s rigged town hall, he claimed the Boilermakers Union supported him and has endorsed him for years.

The statement, however, is like most things that come out of Joe Biden’s mouth these days… a lie.

It was a lie he is about to pay dearly for in terms of a humiliating rebuke by the union itself.

Sorry, Joe, We Support Trump

During the town hall, while discussing fracking, Joe Biden stated, “The boilermakers overwhelmingly endorse me, okay?

“So the Boilermakers Union has endorsed me because I sat down with them, went into great detail with leadership, exactly what I would do, number one.”

That claim, however, was completely false, and the union made that very clear.

Union leader Joe Hughes stated, “The other day I’m watching the debate and I see Joe Biden tell everybody that the Boilermakers endorsed him and that is not true.

“And I would like somebody to tell me who — he said he talked to somebody — I’d like to know who he talked to in the Boilermakers because anybody I talk to did not endorse him.

“And I believe if you go onto our International [Boilermakers] website we have not endorsed a candidate this round, nor did the International Boilermakers endorse a candidate last time.

“We did not endorse Obama and Joe Biden last time because of their energy issues.”

Then, the union came out to endorse Donald Trump.

The union’s website states, “It is with great honor that I write this letter to endorse your campaign as you run for re-election of the President of the United States.

“I am happy to support your administration as you have proven to be a true friend of the Boilermakers, and I wish you the best of luck in your campaign.”

Sources: Breitbart & Fox News

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I would NEVER have taken the endorsement of the man who, through gross incompetence, poisoned the people of Flint, Michigan. Former RINO Governor Rick Snyder should be ashamed of himself and his service. I was asked to help fix it. Biden took his endorsement. VOTE TRUMP!!!

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