Biden Unexpectedly Cancels Supply Chain Speech Minutes Before Event

Was something wrong with Joe Biden on Monday?

Biden was scheduled to do a press conference Monday afternoon regarding supply chain issues.

The White House claimed that Biden hoped to spend more time with CEOs, but he was seen shortly after with only staffers.

What’s Going On

The speech that was supposed to be given on Monday has been moved to Wednesday afternoon.

The odd thing here was that while Biden is now infamous for delaying speeches, outright canceling an event only 21 minutes prior was a bit of a stunner for the media.

Rumors started running rampant after the cancelation given the excuse that Biden wanted to spend more time with CEOs he had been meeting with.

The problem was that Biden was seen only moments later going back into the White House with only a few staffers and Secret Service in tow.

Fox News Peter Doocy covered this immediately after it happened…

The spotting of Biden only started more rumors.

Was Biden just not feeling well after a busy morning and did want to risk looking like a dazed puppet?

Was Biden simply trying to avoid the media after being dealt several crushing blows by the courts as well as some negative news reports?

Between Biden being spotted without a mask to the vaccine mandate being blocked, to Biden being linked to the Lincoln Project, it could have been anything that had him running scared.

What do you guys think? Was something wrong with Biden or was his excuse legitimate?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: New York Post

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25 Responses

  1. Outside of his mind being gone maybe something went wrong withe the teleprompter or earpieces they use to feed him answers to questions. Or maybe he lost the sheet showing who to call on and the questions they will ask and the answers he is supposed to give. He’s just a puppet and a mentally sick man.

    1. There’s no excuse for what he does. His mental capacity is in the minus catagory, he destroys everything he touches, he has made the U.S. the laughing stock and we’re heading towards being a sub third world country. If he completes his first term, will we have a country anymore?

      1. yes a terrible disgrace and he has been weaponized by the dems to destroy America which he is doing at breakneck speed to our once great country. we can only ask God to help us.

  2. The Dem’s and the Biden Family will tell you anything, hoping that you will believe them. These Solar Panels are not made in America, you will be contributing to the pockets of the Dems, and RINOS. They are made in Communist China. Again, American jobs taken to the Communist.

    1. The Big Guy who received 10% of all China illegal business might have been asked about it. Finally some honest reporting is coming out about the “Laptop from Hell”.

      1. It’s about time. I’m still trying to figure out who voted for Joe Biden. Nobody i know or ask did. Must have been China.

  3. When will the American Citizens wake up and realize that those of you that voted for the Dems have actually contributed to the destruction of the U.S.A..

    1. Most of the citizens of the USA that voted for this destruction will remain arrogant, bitter and in denial that they contributed to the destruction of the once greatest country in the world

  4. He’s an idiot, plain and simple !! ….we can’t be surprised of anything this dumb _ss will do ! Oh, and anyone who voted for this sick individual should visit a shrink to find out any reason for doing so, … then pray to GOD he doesn’t send you straight to HELL for the worst decision of your life !!!!

  5. Just another way to avoid having to answer any hard questions.
    How come no one calls him out on these things? Is there no one in the DC swamp with a backbone?

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