Biden Casts Doubt on Integrity of Future Elections

Democrats are already taking their shot at setting up a fight for the outcome of the 2022 election.

Leading that charge is none other than Joe Biden.

During Biden’s presser on Wednesday, he blatantly called into question the integrity of the outcome if Democrats do not get their way.

Here We Go

Remember how outraged Democrats were in 2016 when they did not win.

Yet, when they took the House back in 2018, everything was fine.

Even though there were more than a few irregularities during the 2020 election, Democrats said is the most free and fair election we ever had.

Now, with Democrats controlling the White House, Joe Biden is already ramping everyone up that the election could be corrupt.

He is doing this to try to get more support for the Democrats’ radical voting rights bill.

Biden, during the press conference, stated, “Well, it all depends on whether or not we’re able to make the case to the American people that some of this is being set up to try to alter the outcome of the election.’

Of course, the White House is already in spin mode.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki again attempted to tell us what Biden meant to say rather than what he said.

Psaki tweeted…

So, you guys tell me…

If Democrats get whipped out in 2022, do you think they will claim voter suppression is to blame for their loss?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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13 Responses

  1. Of course they will and anybody who thinks that racist corrupt Joe Biden got more votes than any previously elected president legitimately is either blind or stupid. Now the most people who did vote for Biden probably have buyers remorse . Plus he allowing the liberal policies to destroy our country. People see it and unless the Democrats can rig another election they know they are dead in the water . Most fair honest election but you can’t look at the results please our country has become a haven for free loaders and criminals .

  2. They already stole one election. Biden spent a year in his basement planning how to do it and they did do and hit away with it!! What’s to stop them from doing it again! They are expert cheats from the top down that is why they are failing so miserably in everything they attempt to do!!! What is gone in the dark eventually comes to light!! Little by little, it is!!!! God will not be mocked nor lied to!!

  3. The 2020 election had so much fraud ballots Changed,through algorithms through internet, democrats will lie,cheat ,steal to protect the lie .The
    Truth is Biden lost in 2020see for yourself at

  4. The dems have been crying election fraud since Bush beat gore.The whole world knows the fraud that occurred in 2020.No more mail in ballots,drop boxes,ballet harvesting.Voter Id is a must also being an American citizen !! If you can’t prove that you are legal here you do not get to vote .We need to go back to paper ballots and ballot boxes.We need to get rid of all the electrical voting machines.They are a open door to voter fraud!!!

  5. If you don’t have a voter ID or can’t get to the polls to vote, too bad. But don’t let the left cheat. How is it that people can’t get to the polls to vote while others come out of the graves to vote with no problem?
    The mid turn elections are eleven months away and the left is already crying that the GOP will steal the elections?

  6. Of course the only way these Crooked Communist Democrat’s can win is cheat like they did in the 2020 election. Any one with a half of brain seen how and what happened. Dummy joe even came right out before the election and said he had found a way to fix the election !! In all Honestly if you look at the VERY OLD and crooked Communist Democrats you will see with the exception of 4 or 5 good ones that the devil is in their old very evil eyes really you look at them in their eyes and you have to see the evil !! All they want is Power and Money and will do anything they can to get and keep it. I have never seen such a bunch of Very Hateful people as the Communist Democrats have become. GET THEM OUT NOW !!!

    NASCAR won’t let Brandon have sponsors, AT&T dropping OAN NEWS , Statues removed , our history being removed (just like ISIS did in Afghanistan) all in the name of WOKENESS and RACISM. What I have learned this year CRT, wokeness ,Racism, socialization of our country, steeling elections,LYING,CHEATING,Corruption, Communism, Radicalism, Blackmail, false Accusations, frame jobs, tyranny, dictatorship,Crime,Murder,Drugs,open borders, inflation, BLM,ANTIFA,ETC. = DEMOCRATS = TOTAL and COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of our COUNTRY!

  8. Yes, of course they will!
    Sad that the politicians of our time, both sides of the aisle at times; have slipped away from the basics of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for all the people aren’t the priority any longer….🇺🇲

  9. The DEMORATS are very concerned that BECAUSE there were NO legitimate investigations into voting irregularities in 2020, WE the PEOPLE are enacting laws to prevent tampering with elections, and the machinery thereof, going forward. WE do NOT want VENEZUELAN ELECTIONS run by the federal government here, in VIOLATION of the Constitution.

  10. So, why is it that that the Republicans get blamed for all the wrong doings that happen within the Government? Is it possible that the Democrats can do nothing wrong? Is it possible that the Demos don’t cheat or lie so that the Republicans are stopped from getting voted into any part of the Government. What has Biden done during his career in the Government to better America? Only thing his done is lied to get to where he is. He hasn’t been able to use his own words in his speeches but had to take everyone else’s to make himself look better. He has been nothing but a fake and a fraud. Then there’s a couple of B**ches like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton among other Democrats who have done nothing but cause heartache’s for the American people.

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