Biden CIA Boss Rips Decision to Leave Afghanistan

On Wednesday, news broke that Joe Biden was going to continue Trump’s quest to end the forever war in Afghanistan.  

Whereas Trump made a deal with the Taliban to be out of Afghanistan by May 1, Joe Biden stated he would still remove the troops, but it will not be done until September.  

When Trump made this decision, there was pushback on both sides of the aisle, and Joe Biden is getting the same response, with his new CIA boss, William Burns, already blasting the decision 

Diminishing Intelligence 

The one benefit that would clearly remain in place if we maintained a presence would be information gathering.  

Once we have a full withdrawal, our intelligence agencies lose major assets in place and information gathered by troops on daily missions.  

To that point, CIA Director William Burns stated, “When the time comes for the U.S. military to withdraw, the U.S. government’s ability to collect and act on threats will diminish. That’s simply a fact.” 

He added, “So all of that, to be honest, means that there is a significant risk once the U.S. military and the coalition militaries withdraw.” 

Pushback and Support 

Biden is getting both pushback and support from his fellow Democrats.  

One of the more amusing responses was by Senator Schumer (D-N.Y.), who openly criticized every move made by Trump.  

After Biden made his call, Schumer stated, “This isn’t President Trump waking up one morning and announcing a random new policy on Twitter while generals scrambled to catch up.” 

Pretty funny statement since ending forever wars was part of Trump’s campaign, but I digress.  

Speaking out against the move was Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), who stated that a full withdrawal “undermines our commitment to the Afghan people, particularly Afghan women.” 

On the Republican side, those that were against the move when Trump wanted to do it are really making noise now, and that is only going to get louder.  

For instance, Senator McConnell (R-KY) called the 9/11 deadline “bizarre,” as well as stating, “Apparently we are to help our adversaries ring in the anniversary of the September 11 attacks by gift-wrapping the country and handing it right back to them.” 

Stay tuned on this one because this issue is far from over.  

Source: Fox News 

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30 Responses

    1. I will guarantee you that Biden will flip on this decision and will most likely ADD more troops. That’s how weak he is.

      1. What are we babysitters for Afghanistan??? Time to bring our boys home🙏If you keep them over there any longer there will be another war & they will be sitting ducks!!! Grow a pair you POS !! But I know you will be a coward

        1. Your right. I am sure that the “RULES OF ENGAGEMENT” will be so high that our Troops won’t even have ammo.

    2. Nothing worthwhile has come out of Congress for quite some time. The minute moron joe took office this country has gone in the crapper. The demonRATS could care less for this country than our worst enemy. Of course dementia joe is obligated to cow toe to China so start learning Chinese.

  1. China going to take Tiwain…Ukraine is building Lab for bioweapons just like Wuhan lab.Biden involved.Russia said this is not going to stand next to his boarder.China,Nato,Big Tech Stole Election.Lab in Ukraine to send another planned biochemical attack for Fall.Gates,Facui,Davos are commies.Sick of Floyd,illegals,wars,BLM suck.Teach blacks stop resisting arrest,get a Job.Antifia & BLM Obama army.Stay frosty don’t give up your 2and named. President Trump won election..Coup

      1. Nov 2022…get out and vote republican…Must flip Congress red and make joe and the ho lame ducks… Need to stop the damage being done to our country…

        1. Your right but the problem is, is that the election is 19 months away. Look at what this illegal Administration has done in less then 100 days. I just really hope that we are still around in 19 months.

    1. Pretty darn cool!! Very well said!
      We’re supposed to get another virus in 2025 but I think they must have altered that date. We’re not succumbing like they had anticipated so they need to amp it up.

  2. Here are people talking about military strategy and all I see is a lot of hot air !!! It seems so simple when politicians say and do measures that others are to do !!! How about they get off their backsides and get and stay dirty or don’t have a safe place to rest their body !!! Politicians talk and talk but never get in the throes of combat !!! Hey politicians – EVER FACE AN ENEMY WHERE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON YOUR ACTION ??? I only know of one that has been in combat – how about you ??? Politicians – they tell their lies, get their bank accounts overflowing, and don’t care about anything but themselves – true Americans are left out !!! Oh yes, there are few, very few, that look on Americans as citizens of this great country – what about the rest of them ???

  3. If they want to continue Trump policies then say so. They are so afraid to say “Trump was right”. As he has been on so many other things. A slow withdrawal but you have to able to step in if needed. Why broadcast your plans to the world and your enemies in the 1st place?

    1. This broadcasting crap has been done since vietnam. No wonder the USA can’t win a damn thing. Not enough “leakers” in government being put on trial for leaking privileged information…and that includes members of Congress… This started years ago with the Ellsberg leaks and earlier….

      1. True…
        I think there’s two kinds of laws & punishment today: One for dems: laws to enhance their illegal wealth and bottomless “get out free” cards for anything else. Second kind is for reps: laws TO enhance their wealth, laws enforcing chaos, fear, loss removing freedoms as we know it.
        Oh, and all politicians and world elite (REALLY, ELITE?) are exempt, they collect and do whatever fancies them.

  4. Agree with all posts! Joebama obiden is doing what Obama tells him to do. That was the deal! Obama set up the fraud so obiden could be in the White House, taking orders from Obama, putting all of obama’s Old cabinet in place, when the time comes, obiden takes the fall and Obama and Susan Rice step in and take over! Wake up people, we can’t wait until 2022 to get the rats out, it must be done NOW!

  5. Wow I admire all the good intentions of republicans and conservatives but the main problem is that doesn’t seem to be fighters only bla bla bla, we got our election stolen that easy why ?? Very few showed their balls but not enough to defend a fair election

    1. Jose there are talkers but when DC lites the fuse and we stand up you will see a lot of fighters. One will be me I want to know will you stand up with us or will you hide somewhere?

    2. Whatever it matters or doesn’t, I’m in AZ in “that” county, still bi*ching and writing to keep this audit thing on track.
      If people simply aren’t going to follow our laws I don’t know what to do next (I’m 4’10” and elderly — hate that word).
      Is that where an*arch** y comes in?
      There are stacks of plastic coffins, hold 40 each, in the AZ desert. Ob bought them for FEMA for $Bs but why?

  6. I got a humble suggestion for you idiots……… how about ridding our own house of the enemy within and sending the blacks back to the jungle since they can’t function in a civilized society.

  7. The CIA director mentioned the danger to women. Well, look at the “equality Act” and how that treats women (have to compete in athletics against men/trans) and China Joe backs that and all his feeling and touching girls and women, then his son – biden or a prdohile. Just more hypocrisy.

  8. CIA Boss, William Burns, your group with military should remove biden, harris, piglosi & schumer from their office and save America from Total destruction and a World War!!

  9. This CIA DEMOCRATIC is just saying what NEEDS to be said he’s a big fat LIER. It like oh a honest DEMOCRATIC get REAL DISTRACTION that’s ALL it is.

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