Biden Claim He Drove 18-Wheeler Cannot Be Confirmed

Earlier this week, Joe Biden traveled to Pennsylvania, making a stop at the Mack Truck facility along the way.

During the appearance, Biden told onlookers, “I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man.”

There is absolutely ZERO proof to back up that claim.

He Rode in a Truck… Once

Here is the audio of Biden talking to facility workers, once again making up a claim to pander to his audience…

This has been extensively researched by the RNC and they could find absolutely nothing to back up Biden’s claim.

The only experience that Biden had that came remotely close was, in 1973, he rode in a truck to understand the experience of transporting goods.

Then-Senator Biden (D-DE) traveled from Delaware to Ohio, a 536-mile one-way trip.

He flew back.

When the White House was asked to back up the claim, representatives pointed to the article referencing Biden’s journey with the trucker.

Two things here…

First, the tone of his comment made it sound as though Biden did this for a living at some point, which we all know is false.

Second, “driving” a truck and “riding” in a truck are two different things.

A dog can ride in the truck, but he sure as hell can’t drive it… and neither did Biden, EVER.

The White House then pointed to the fact that Joe Biden drove a school bus as a summer job, but again, that is not an 18-wheeler.

School buses generally have six wheels, not 18.

He lied, blatantly lied, and the White House is so intent on covering up his lie that they are now trying to equate a school bus to an 18-wheeler.

It may seem like something silly to rail about, but the fact is Joe Biden tells lies like this just about every day of the week and he never gets called out on them by the mainstream media, yet they kept a database of literally every word that came out of Trump’s mouth to fact-check.

Sources: Fox News & Washington Examiner

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27 Responses

    1. I wonder if DEMENTIA JOE sticks his BALD head into a Cast Iron Frying pan before making Speeches… he is FRIED !


      1. Sky News, likely. They’re in Australia, so can report on Biden’s mental decline and such without having to worry about our outrage mobs and cancel culture.

  1. What can you expect? He’s a politician in every sense of the word.
    Pandering for votes. Besides, he can’t remember what he had for breakfast, let alone what he did b4 getting on the Government dole.

    1. BUT there are many Kinds of Politicians<<>> Hores>> Corrupt>> INsane>> Stupid >> nad DEmented… OH well JOE HAS all of these QUALITIES …. AIN’T we so lUCKY !!

    2. Sadly can’t read off a teleprompter or note cards – our country is screwed – world is laughing at his incompetence!

  2. Had the Liar-in-Chiefever legally driven an 28 wheeler, he would have to have had a CDL license. Easy enough to prove if he had one.

  3. That was between his stints as a train engineer and a coal miner. A vast world of amazing accomplishments lives in Crazy Joe’s head. Inside that swirling ocean of fictional events, Joe remembers marching with Martin Luther King and winning the Vietnam War single-handedly.

    1. Question – HOW CAN OUR COUNTRY SURVIVE 3 1/2 more urs of this ILLEGITIMATE POTUS’ incompetence????
      Pretty darn scary to see him on TV calling out “where’s my mom???” He’s toast & so is our country!!!!

  4. Next thing we will hear, he flu an F-15 like an eagle. You don’t think our foreign advisories aren salivating over this knowledge of the president of “ The United States of America”
    25 now…….put in the next clown

    1. Unfortunately the next clown is primed and ready and totally unqualified and incompetent to be President of the United States move her out of the way then you’ve got Adolf Pelosi. With the leadership (or no leadership) we have in this country we’ll be lucky to have a country in 2024.

  5. Come on! This man has totally lost it. You democrats are just evil. Your destruction of America is traitorous acts against the American people. Time to shut down Congress! Useless to America and her freedoms. Joe Biden is just getting more evil everyday. His true colors are coming out and he can’t control it any longer. Shame on his wife and congress for parading him around like a trained monkey. World is laughing but the democrats and voters who voted for joe Biden don’t care. They got what they wanted. Controlling American people and no one to stop them because the justice system is corrupt too. You poor fools your country is going down. Your government cares more about blm and antifa than decent people.. You are letting it happen. Your military has turned into woke idiots who care more about transgender people than defending America against your enemies. You voted for this mess well not all of you but you all will suffer under the nazi regime in your government. Would say good luck but your stupidity has no bounds to help your own country become great again. President Trump did great things but your media outlets lied because China and Iran paid them to betray their own country.

  6. We take no comfort in our beloved Country anymore! We sent thousands upon thousands of our young Men and Women to the battlefields’ only to come home in a box or maimed or disfigured.. We throw a parade or two to pacify the people, especially for the Soldiers and families whose pain and suffering they have to endure.. Our Government is over-bloated and corrupt with no bounds within their parties! They have become a danger to our Society.. Unstructured Immigration, un-vaccinated people with new disease’s coming in with low to zero education. Smugglers trafficking people to sell to any bidder, so brazen now they don’t bother to disguise it anymore.. Our so-called Government is tacking advantage in all areas of running our Country, we pay the States to house illegals to vote for whomever will cheat and lie on their ballot..


  7. Another fact is driving an 18 wheeler you need a special license. Biden lies like this all the time. But he is wanting Facebook to delete posts that are misrepresent the WH message. It is time to change the rules with big tech.

  8. Why talk about it. DO something to change things for the better. VOTE against these politicians who do nothing for us. These politicians only care about themselves and get richer by the year. They have more benefits than you and I even when they decide to retire. LETS vote them out…

  9. Al, I would agree with you, but its already past that point. I know its hard to believe but there are still a lot of people out there that would vote for him again. I agree that he has no business in the office , or any office for that matter. Even when he was of relatively sound mind he was a thief and a lair. The American government is so corrupt and decadent at this point I’m afraid there is no hope outside of a direct intervention by God Himself, and one way or another we are all going to suffer greatly .

  10. biden doesn’t remember what he did, what he said on this day, where he is supposed to be, and what office he holds.
    And this, Boys & Girls, is the alleged ” leader of the free world “…

    ( you’ll notice the characteristic absence of Capital Letters. Those are only used when warranted )

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