Biden Did Not Mention COVID-19 During Meeting with President Xi

Human rights and COVID-19… two issues that Biden should have discussed with President Xi.

According to the White House readout, that did not happen.

This will be seen as a sign of weakness from Biden.

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According to the readout, the issues covered by Biden with Xi were climate change, debt relief, food security and health security.

They also discussed the “One China” policy, which considers Taiwan a part of China, but Biden did raise objections to China’s aggressive behavior against Taiwan.

That, however, is not quite the bold front Biden has taken in the past when he vowed to defend Taiwan, a stance regularly walked back by the White House.

The biggest issue on the docket, the origins of COVID-19, was not even touched upon, however.

When the White House was asked why this was not discussed, it refused to comment.

A Senate investigation concluded that the virus was likely leaked from the Wuhan Lab, while the corrupt World Health Organization concluded it was likely a jump from animal to human.

So, once again, Biden cowers on the international stage, showing weakness when strength was needed.

Source: Fox News