Biden Dissolves Trump-era Apprenticeship for Nurses, Pushes Union-backed Apprenticeships

Joe Biden is ending yet another Trump-era program, and this one makes no sense at all.

That is especially true when you consider recent comments made by Biden.

Biden is killing the Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Program (IRAP) while pushing apprenticeships from one of his biggest donors… unions.

Killing Jobs

It would appear that the only people Joe Biden wants to put to work are ones that he thinks will vote for him.

The Trump program had recognized more than 100 programs since its inception, with nursing being one of the bigger fields that benefited from IRAP.

This was a field decimated during COVID.

The problem for Biden is that these apprenticeship programs did not require direct federal government approval, nor were the unions able to line their pockets from them.

Had Joe Biden left it alone, it was projected to create more than two million apprenticeships over the next decade.

Since the unions could not get their hands on the program, they went to the Democrats, filled their coffers with money, and demanded it be disbanded, and Joe Biden is granting their wish.

Joe Biden is more or less stealing Trump’s idea and handing it over to the union in the Talent Pipeline Challenge.

This will offer government funding to “150 employers, unions and other organizations to create or expand programs that help workers develop skills on the job.”

The program will concentrate on broadband, construction and electrification, all fields more or less controlled by unions.

Laborers’ International Union of North America applauded the ending of IRAP, stating, “President Biden and Vice President Harris recognized that IRAPs were a threat to union workers.”

Frank Ricci, a labor fellow at the Yankee Institute, countered, “IRAPs proved to be successful in bringing apprenticeship programs to new industries, mitigated some of the nursing shortage we have faced throughout the pandemic, and expanded the number of women who participated in apprenticeships.

“The future of work will be increasingly dynamic, and the Biden administration’s continued undermining of bottom-up economic development in favor of a bloated bureaucracy and labor cronyism hurts the very people they claim to be helping.”

Greg Mourad, vice president of the National Right to Work Committee, added, “This is another example of Biden throwing workers under the bus just to magnify the power of his big labor buddies, something we can sadly expect more of as Biden and his allies increasingly depend on forced-dues-backed union political muscle to push through their increasingly unpopular agenda.”

This is just a blatant payoff.

Unions fund Democrats, Democrats reward unions by punishing non-union American workers.

Source: Fox News