Biden Ditches G-20 Gala Because He ‘Needed to attend to a few items’

Joe Biden’s stamina is officially on the table for discussion.

Biden skipped the big G-20 gala, an event that was on his agenda for the day.

When the White House was asked, we were told Joe had some things to do.

Just Be Honest

If Joe Biden is not up to a full day’s work, do we not have the right to know?

Exactly what did Joe Biden have to take care of?

The administration responded to inquiries by stating, “The president just had spent a full day [of] meetings and needed to attend to a few items tonight.”

The White House was also asked if Joe Biden had tested positive for COVID.

This was being asked because Biden had appeared with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, who did test positive for COVID on Wednesday.

The White House stated that Biden did not have COVID, at least not yet.

As we all know, the virus takes a day or so to settle in, so I would bet Biden is being fed preemptive meds and being isolated out of caution… but that is just my guess.

Biden spent considerable time with Hun Sen on Saturday, who first tested positive on Monday, with confirmation of the diagnosis on Tuesday.

I guess we will see if Joe peeks his head out later today if he has COVID or if he starts to duck the media again.

Source: Fox News