Biden Gives Divisive Speech While Ian Devastates Florida

What was Joe Biden doing Wednesday night while Ian was hitting Florida with 150 mph winds?

No, he was not in the White House monitoring the storm and relief efforts.

Instead, he was speaking at the Democratic Governors Association.

Spitting Venom

Biden was not stressing unity or anything close to it.

Instead, he was bashing the Republican Party and MAGA in general.

He even stated that there is “a tinge of fascism to what they’re doing,” meaning today’s Republican Party.

Then he claimed Americans are ashamed of the country, stating, “Think about the average person turning on the television every morning.

“And what do they see? What do they see out there that really uplifts them, where they go, ‘God, I feel good about being American. I feel really proud’?”

It is not the country we are ashamed of, Joe, it’s you.

Believe me, if we hated this country, we would not be fighting Democrats so hard to preserve it.

Five weeks… that is when we need to rally and pry the gavel out of the hands of Pelosi and Schumer.

Then we just leave the weak old man in the White House with no power at all until we can vote him out too.

Source: Fox News