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Biden Endorses Controversial Michigan Lawmaker for Congress

We have seen some rather interesting characters run for office out of the Democrat party.

We have also seen individuals that would turn the stomach of any normal person.

The latter is the case with Jon Hoadley, a state representative in Michigan that is now running for a congressional seat.

No Vetting for Joe

Considering Joe Biden’s history, it is not overly surprising that Biden would not find Hoadley’s history disgusting but most conservatives will.

Hoadley, according to reports, previously blogged about crystal meth as well as calling his previous sexual partners “victims.”

The blog, according to the New York Post, also contained entries about four-year-old little girls wearing thongs.

Hoadley also made some rather disparaging comments about women, referring to them as “breeders.”

Hoadley has since deleted the blog, which was called “Rambling Politics,” but there are some posts that you can still find online that have been archived.

Joe Loves Him

With a history such as that, one would think Biden would keep Hoadley at arm’s length, but Biden has embraced him and endorsed his candidacy.

Biden, in supporting Hoadley, stated, “Jon has been an advocate for working families and better schools as a state representative for the last five years.

“He works hard for the people of Southwest Michigan, and I am proud to support his campaign.”

Kamala Harris has also endorsed Hoadley according to a recent report in the Detroit News.

So, while the media goes nuts when Trump says something nice about a candidate that reposted some QAnon posts, it remains completely silent about Biden openly endorsing a candidate for Congress that has blogged about a little girls underwear.

Yeah… that makes a LOT of sense!

Sources: Detroit News & New York Post

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