Biden Gaffe Promises No Taxes to Anyone Making Under $400,000

Joe Biden has been on the road touting his tax plan. 

One of the key factors of that plan is that nobody making $400,000 or less (which just happens to be Joe’s salary) will see any new taxes.  

This week, however, Joe took it a bit further by accidentally saying people making $400,000 or less would face NO taxes at all.  

Joe’s Tax Plan 

First, Joe’s original plan is going to be hard to fulfill.  

There have already been holes poked into the plan due to the taxes being levied on some retirement accounts, which would clearly impact people making less than $400,000 per year.  

Secondly, economists have stated there is simply no way to actually make this happen due to the trickle-down effect of such a policy.  

William McBride, vice president for federal tax and economic policy at the Tax Foundation, stated, “I challenge you to find an economist who will say that is even possible.” 

He added, “If you raise tax on this taxpayer here, good luck in isolating that effect to just that taxpayer. 

“It’s not actually possible.” 

Well, I wonder what McBride would say after hearing this… 

So, there you have it… we can all tear up our IRS forms this year and use that video to back us up when we get audited.  

Joe said it, so it must be true, right?! 

Source: CNBC 

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20 Responses

  1. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    When are the citizens of this country going to see Joe Biden for just what he really is. He is nothing but a lying democrat who don’t care about this country at all.

  2. …and how are we supposed to know what we have to do if he, obviously, doesn’t understand what he wants to do… maybe someone should ask him if he can tell what 2+2 is…

  3. If you shoved joe bidens brain up the butt of a bird,it would fly upside down and backwards. It would bounce around like a ball baring,in a boxcar!
    Give America a break from these clowns!

  4. I had a great turd this morning and it had more brains than Biden and the rest of the democrats!

  5. Everyone is blaming Joe Bidon. He has dementia and that is not something you really want OR IS A VERY GOOD ACTOR. It controls you and your memory. BTW I do not like his politics, but the blame lies with his wife, family, and Obama(who knows what the problem is) and others who put him in office. They did it so they could rule and he would get the blame. The man is mentally ill and it will get worse, in fact he could do things that could hurt the entire world.. His wife knows but she apparently is enjoying being first lady. GOD HELP THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

    1. I agree totally with you. My husband has dementia and Biden does some of the same things my husband does and I wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt my husband. Biden’s wife is also a nut case for allowing her husband to even run for President. She must have wanted to be First Lady really bad. Corruption galore.

  6. Biden wants war, excuse to use military on citizens…. he wants hate, divide, conquer,
    Total control……..
    He calls whites extremist
    Antifa and blm are peaceful
    Hey creepy joe did you call the 30 family’s and apologize about them being killed by racist terrorist blm and antifa……oh yea you don’t care…….

  7. Why are Americans putting up with this Corruption??????? And by the way I dont care what color of skin you have !!! What I do care about is being labeled into something that I’m not !!!!

  8. The most racist President ever. Black people, did you vote for this? 47 years of racism doesn’t just go away but you’ve been duped once again by your “party” and you’re leaders. I remind you, the democrats have been on the wrong side of racism since they were founded. Jim Crow was democratic. Those that stood against Dr. King? Democratic, against the 1967 equal rights act; democrats. All the KKK you ever heard of were democrats.

  9. Biden is a brain dead fool and is not in control of this country, Obuma is! The Military needs to declare they’re in charge and bring back the real President, the man who really won 2020 President Donald Trump!!!!!!

  10. Agree with all posts! Don’t count on the military to take over. We have to demand impeachment, and removal of piglosi and Schumer as well. Then go after Obama for treason.

  11. Oh listen, being a complete and utter idiot always has it’s advantages! Just think, anything you say, no matter how many mohrons from the media support you or don’t, you have complete and utter immunity, and simply deny ever having said it. Hell, you can’t remember saying it, so it must not exist!

  12. Biden is the biggest crook and liar our country has ever had in the WH. His son is not much better. They both have broken the law several times and yet, they go free with nothing being done to them.

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