Biden Gets Snappy with Reporters for Asking About Key Issues

Joe Biden is a bit cranky these days.

He is actually being forced to do some work and not spend his afternoons napping.

He could probably also use an ice cream cone based on how he has been acting with reporters lately.

How Dare You!

Reporters are actually asking Joe Biden meaningful questions, and he does not like it one bit.

This was Joe Biden when he was asked about abortion restrictions…

Biden, of course, was wrong in that Roe v. Wade does not list specific restrictions…

Another reporter asked Biden about the lack of candidates campaigning with him.

This was Joe’s answer…

I think Joe may have been exaggerating just a bit.

There are probably close to 100 Dems running for office in this election, and I can only recall about half a dozen wanting to have Joe Biden appear with them.

Even if it is 15, that would be less than 25 percent of the party, which is pretty pathetic.

Source: Fox News