Biden Goes to Secluded S.C. Island for Family Vacation

Our country is in complete turmoil right now.

People are literally ready to start a civil war over the secrecy of the Trump raid by the FBI.

What is Joe Biden’s response?

Well, that would be to go on an extended vacation with his family, including Hunter Biden, on a secluded island in South Carolina.

It Must Be Nice

Biden continues his habit of working short weeks and taking extended time off while he is supposed to be sitting in the White House finding a way out of this mess.

The man who says he works tirelessly rarely puts in a five-day workweek or a full day.

The entire Biden clan is headed to South Carolina on the taxpayers’ dime.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters completely unloaded on Biden over this trip…

The timing of the trip could not be worse…

The country is looking for answers regarding the Trump raid at Mar-a-Lago.

Inflation is still ridiculously high.

Diesel prices are not going down, so the costs of goods will continue to stay well above the norm.

Immigration is out of control.

And Congress is debating and voting on yet another massive spending bill.

This is a bill, mind you, that Biden insists will have an immediate impact on inflation (it won’t), yet the signing of the bill will now be delayed because Joe is playing on the beach with his grandkids.

Enjoy your time on Kiawah Island, Joe, hobnobbing with your rich friends that are probably giving you their laundry list of what they want done next.

You have a little more than two years and three months left in office, so enjoy it while you can.

Source: Fox News

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74 Responses

    1. Actually, just his brain – or what’s left of it. That part of Sleepy Joe hasn’t been active for years.

  1. Biden is nothing more than a puppet for the elite. The election was a sham and the left is full of corrupt people. If things continue as they are, we are in for a civil war. We’ll start by killing antifa and blm criminals then the politicians and fbi criminals.

  2. He is a worthless as a president and his 50 years as a politician have been the same. He’s been a lame duck since he was elected?

    1. He is not much of a president, is he? He is pathetic! I blame Jill for a lot of it. She is his enabler.

      1. Biden is a FRAUD president!!! Would be nice if a sniper went on vacation to the island and deleted the communist on the island!!

      2. I agree with you Jill should be held accountable for elder abuse. she just couldn’t stand the fact that he had run for President and lost before and she wanted to b the first Lady, but she will never be one not even in their home state of Delaware.

  3. Stop lying about Joe Biden. Stop lying to Americans and making fools out of them. You can’t fool all of us! At least, President Biden is trying to improve the lives of Americans instead of creating chaos and violence in America which is the contribution of the Republicans. It is absolutely disgraceful what FOX and the Republicans are doing to Americans and America. Those who are not happy living in a democracy are free to go to a country that has a form of Government that they like. The majority of Americans want to live in a democracy!

    Leave America alone!!!!!!

    1. You are sick!!! Brainwashed people need to wake up and smell the roses!!! For the D e m o rat police, how much is your bribe intake from the crooks.

    2. Are you trying to be a brainless moron, or does it come naturally? Oops, you’re nothing but a DEMONICrat!
      WHAT DEMOCRACY? This country is turning into a giant toilet because you and the rest of the imbecile are doing their best to completely destroy it!

    3. You are completely wrong. I t is Biden and his administration that have been and are continuing to lie to the American people. Get your head out of the sand and look at the reality of how he has destroyed this country

    4. Yes they do. So how is 86,000 more IRS agents helping the average American? Maybe you should listen to FOX and learn something

    5. So you think you will love Communism……Wake the hell up and look around girl…….87,000 new IRS agents ….gun wearing no less…WTF…is that for ? ARRESTS of TAX Violations hence GUNS
      ..sounds like start of the Commie Brown Coats….
      I hope you aren’t a small business owner

    6. I believe you had better open your eyes and see what damage that Biden has done.. He is the WORST president that this country has EVER had.. He has let the border become unsecured and that has brought in the cartel, more drugs people that are living off from OUR government, prices are out of control shall I continue?? The only way he got to become president is to keep tamper with the voting, he couldn’t even get that the honest way.. You really need to check your facts..

    7. Where did you leave the brain you were issued during gestation? You sure don’t reflect it might still be functional.

    8. No that would be you, if you think we have a democracy left by the dementia in chief! NAME ONE THING THAT HE HAS DONE FOR AMERICA NOT ONLY IN HIS TERM IN THE SENATE BUT THE SHORT TIME AS POTUS! You need some serious medication madam!

    9. Biden has Alzheimer’s so his mind is not all there Do not care that Jill claims he is fine is hogwash. We have a member of our family in the final stages of Alzheimer’s and it is so sad to watch them not even know their own family. Joe can not put a sentence together our family member can not finish a sentence either. Who ever is covering for Biden needs to be charged with Senior Abuse. Why has that not been done Republicans. Wake up and do want you need to do to help Joe be removed from office.

    10. You really are one of the dumbest person on here. Where do you live in? In a hole or under a rock. Your submission to stupidity is disgusting. Joe Biden is destroying America. But all you see is a free handout! I guess it’s time for you to take a trip to China. You have no idea about freedom or our rights. Joe Biden has done nothing but screw up everything he touches. I see our school system did wonders to your basement views. American people want freedom not what the government tells us what to do. I bet you stood in line for how many vaccines become a evil old man told you to. How many people have died because of the vaccines. Your stupidity has no bounds.

    11. Are you on drugs like uncle joe if not you senile worst than him or a plant from some foreign country

    12. Carmela, you are what is wrong with this country. You should probably schedule an eye doctors appt., it seems that you can’t see what is going on to our great country

    13. What rock have you been hiding under for the last 2 years? There has been so much damage that we’ll probably never recover. The border, gas prices, groceries, crime, inflation, taxes and so much more. Wake up and see what is happening to our country.

    14. Carmela, how much have you been paid to type that msg. surely anyone with half a brain would not agree with you!

    15. Open borders drug cartels taking over Texas no formula for American babies but plenty of formula for these stinking illegals and their kids…American dying because of this illegal drug…Biden will carry the blood of every cop who has been killed every person who has died from this dangerous drug and most of all the 13 military men and women who died in Afghanistan joe Biden will have to answer to God almighty Biden lied to God america and American people when he took oath of office and swore to uphold the laws of immigration. Biden is corrupt liar and if he would take lue detector tests this corrupt piece of garbage would flunk with flying colors

    16. Biden is the one lying to US. He is the biggest fraud, liar, and part-time “president” ever to reside in the White House. The only thing he can manage to do is f**k up everything he touches and then blame anyone except himself.

    17. Are you kidding me. The democrats are destroying our country When the president can’t even tell the truth on anything, his whole administration lies about everything They don’t care who they destroy for their New World Order. The Biden crime family is on vacation again. Our country is turning into a communist style regime !!!

  4. Carmela Favala must have her head up her rectum because the Democrats are the ones causing the problems they are responsible for gas prices and the border crisis, blm, crt, and all of the other bull crap that this country is going thru right now we could be energy independent if it wasn’t for Biden and the border would be closed but they are spending the $$$ and not for Americans

    1. I agree WaltK, this woman is so brainwashed or just plain stupid, I couldn’t agree more with what everyone is saying (except Carmela Favala). This whole administration is a sham including the shadow president. Japan once said “we have awakened a sleeping giant”, well the demonrats have started to awaken an entire country. There will be hell to pay!

  5. Obama and Susan Rice are the “leaders” so Ol’Joe doesn’t have to worry ,he is braindead anyhow and is used as Obama ventriloquist dummy.


  7. No, he isn’t on vacation. Dem’s tole Tom Hanks or Jim Carrey, probably both to run for the hills because the word is out that Fake Bide is not the real Biden who died of a heart attack at National Naval Medical Center on 7/29/2019. Most of the nation knows that a fake Biden had a fake inauguration. Carrey and Hanks are the actors that have been playacting Joe Biden along with James Woods who got arrested.

  8. Let me get this straight, Biden lives on the beach in DE, we the taxpayers are paying 50,000.00 per month to house Hunter and the FBI in 2 homes in CA but they have to rent a place on another beach to vacation not to mention the climate crooks aren’t complaining how Hunter had to fly from CA to DC to catch a taxpayer ride so he can vaca with the fam. What the hell is going on?

  9. Biden an his administration has done more damage to American in 18 months The world is watching this idiot . Can’t believe some people really think he is doing good for Americans. While the whole time he is causing total chaos. Everything he does is WRONG.

  10. Yup they go on vacation with Hunter Biden, to escape another Democratic catastrophe, they really must be afraid of President bTrump running again, but don’t worry President Biden term has been so bad we won’t see another Democrats as President for a long time.

  11. Be careful what you say they will be coming after us an can makeup any BS todo it .We don’t have any freedoms anymore. Only the elite lying democrats.

  12. Very mediocre as our president. Democrats may be lying about his accomplishments but Republicans have always lied.

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