Biden Slammed After Grandfather Stories at Michigan Appearance

Joe Biden has a really bad habit of interjecting family stories, sometimes made up, into his speeches.

He feels it make him more relatable.

Joe apparently did not get the memo that most people are sick and tired of hearing about his father, grandfather, and son, especially when dealing with multiple crises in this country.

Here We Go Again

Joe Biden is on a barnstorming tour to sell his infrastructure spending bill to the American people.

As he talked about charging stations, he started to ramble on about a completely irrelevant story about his Grandpop.

He stated, “By the way, parenthetically, when you build a charging station, it’s like back in the day when my Grandpop worked for American Oil company back in the turn of the – in the 19’s: 1920, in that area.

“They went from state-to-state convincing people that they’d put – to allow them to put 20,000 gallons of gasoline under the ground. They didn’t want them around.

“But guess what happened: Everything builds up around them. You put these charging stations along, how are you going to see significant economic development go well beyond the charging station.”

Hannity, among others, went off after the nonsensical statements made by Biden.

He stated, “What on earth is Joe Biden trying to say?

“Regardless, he is desperately trying to save his insane domestic socialist agenda — Because his radical party is demanding it.

“Today, Joe Biden is not thinking about those he left behind in Afghanistan.

“He’s not thinking about the crisis at the southern border — Truth be told, Biden probably doesn’t form many cogent thoughts anyway.”

You can see Hannity’s full segment in the video below…

At this point, I would normally tell Joe just to shut up, but not this time.

I want him to keep talking because every time he opens his mouth, he proves to all of us that believe he is nothing more than a puppet to be correct.

The man is clueless.

Source: Fox News

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34 Responses

    1. It is a terrible time in the USA and we must change the direction in which we are heading. We can do it.

      1. First, we Americans must go to the southren borders and help the border patrol save American but most Americans care more who will win a game on t.v. than worry about OUR country. sad.

      1. Biden isn’t mentally ill IMO. His brain is just not working. This was known before his nomination. Personally, I think Obama is calling the shots, in any event, we American people need to know. This unelected shadow government is getting out- of-hand.

  1. Obama wanted a 3rd term and it looks like he got it with Biden. Speeches Bide gives when he can remember, sound so much like Obama. Obama is hanging around the White House a lot, none of the other former Presidents hung around after they were through.

    1. Yes, that is right! They all went back home and lived off their wealth secured while in The White House. All of our politicians need to be put on social security and Medicare just like the rest of us!! Biden was the one who voted, twice, to tax social security.

    2. We totally agree. Biden is controlled by Obama and Soros. Biden is puppet with his documented compromised brain.

      1. As the astute doctor Savage put it—the communist’s GOAL is the utter destruction of America’s : BORDERS., LANGUAGE., CULTURE.–leaving an Open wound where there bacteria–ETC> can set up shop and set the stage for the New Roman Empire where GOD is a non-player–as Hollywood portrays Lucifer as the BIG GUY—the 10% Dude. ====get it?

    3. Obama is still hanging out at the WH cause he has nothing better to do w/his time…who wants someone constantly whining about what THEY did as POTUS ….which translates…. to N O T H I N G…except visit his “MUSLIM Buddies…………..very difficult to discuss NOTHING

  2. I am flat our scared for our country. How can anyone not be? Liberals, you voted for this moron and democrats stuffed the ballot boxes. Look what we have. A Communist regime that is taking away all of our freedoms. One by one. Wake up Libs, we are being sold out to China. If you cannot see this, you are either a complete idiot, or you are one of many living off the Government dole. No sane person can possibly want our great country sold out to Communism. Plus, one or more of the illegals coming across our border just may move into your neighborhood. Is this what you want?

    1. They would vote for these idiots again! No matter how crooked they are, they would get elected again! The Demonrats have control of the election now! People don’t care what they say, who they hurt or what they do! They stay with their party no matter what! They’re not smart enough to figure out how damn crooked the Demonrats are. They still think they’re good for the country & trying to help any way they can. If they’re that stupid, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote!

    2. i hope everyone of the people in the united states who voted for joe bidenis listening to what joe biden is saying and what a mess he has done in 9 mos.i hope you people that voted for biden and his mob are very happy. because of the people that voted for biden hears,sees what a mess this president has done in our beautiful country.
      there has been lies,cheat,and the media covers up for biden. remember media if our country goes to communism you folks of the media re going to suffer just like keep covering for biden we will all be in this together a communist country.venaswella next.wake up people see how these demorats are changing our country. you call yourselves journalists. cnn msnbc,cbs,nbc and more you are just the blame on whats going on with this adminastra ation.

    3. Katie, hate to state but there is nothing being done that has “TRIGGERED” THE AMERICAL PEOPLE into action….SOON it will happen and we will be in AN ALL OUT CIVIL WAR….I FOR ONE SEE IT COMING….AND IF “YOU FOLKS” reading this don’t then you have your eyes shut. Believe it or not “some Americans” voted honestly FOR Biden thinking he would be Good for the Country!….older/wiser man…been around politics 30+ yrs. etc. etc. etc. and then there are those of us who saw just what Biden is/was/will be…not good for this Country. Primary indicator was the $30Mil china gave the “baby boy” for the “Big Guy”!!! It’s all about the $$$$$….I hate saying this but America IS all about $$$$….BIG $$$. Why do you think Soros built UP his nest egg to the tune of “BILLIONS OF $$$”…HE KNEW IT WOULD TAKE THAT AMT. TO BUY AMERICANS OFF!!! Bought n Paid off Americans are the biggest problems we have…they figure the $$$ w/protect them from “Socializing America”; just have to wonder if they think more $$$ w/be coming when it’s all said n DONE!!??

      1. I am so happy that I found someone who voted for this POS and is actually sorry about it. Congratulations for seeing the light. Wish there were more. Probably are, but afraid to admit it.

  3. Sloppy Joe is like the old man driving that never looks in the rearview mirror. There’s a trail of fires, crashed cars & trucks, dead drivers and pedestrians in his wake, but he’s totally unaware of any of it. He’s just driving on smiling, telling incomprehensible stories about grandpop and cornpop, and the citizens of this country are his victims.

  4. I am totally ashamed of the American people supporting the Communist Party who are now in charge of everything. I am a proud American Jewish person who loves my country and my people no matter what race, religion, creed or color of their skin. Sanders, Feinstein, and many other political figures that call themselves of the Jewish faith are no more than hypocrites liars, cheats, and thieves. They are a disgrace to the Jewish people! The African Americans who support ANTIFA, and BLM need to go back to school and gain some common sense.

    1. also i am a proud american catholic who loves my country. joe biden and nancy pelosi say there devout catholic thats a lie. they want abortions.they to are hypocrites they lie,cheat.there disgraceto all catholics around the world.

  5. I’m becoming convinced he’s crazy like a fox!! He doesn’t have the grace to run our country!!! I have said many times this is obamas third term, and who is his boss? None other than George Soros along with his son and the democrats!!!

  6. Now all Republicans are domestic terrorists. Does that mean we will be thrown in prison or face the firing squad? I am losing all hope that there will be a USA by the end of the year. Every time I think Biden can’t come up with anything worse, he does. Only God can help us now.

  7. All politicians must remove Joe Biden impeach him now. Everyone in Joe Biden administration is not qualified to make decisions for Americans

  8. Obama is still hanging out at the WH cause he has nothing better to do w/his time…who wants someone constantly whining about what THEY did as POTUS ….which translates…. to N O T H I N G…except visit his “MUSLIM Buddies…………..very difficult to discuss NOTHING

  9. masks are just a few of the issues, that are being used to deflect the public from the horrible leaders now in office. I can only hope that the Supreme Court will be able and willing to intervene before we lose it all. God Bless

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