Biden Heads to Nantucket for Luxury Weekend While Americans Deal with Inflation

The Democrat Party and Joe Biden have it all wrong.

Inflation is not a rich person’s problem because higher prices are clearly not impacting the elite of this country.

While many of us are checking out at the grocery store to the highest prices we have ever seen, Joe Biden is enjoying a taxpayer-funded trip to hang out with his billionaire buddies in Nantucket this weekend.

The Winner Go the Spoils

My buddy just filled up his truck, and he had a three-figure hit to his bank account.

My grocery bill for a “Friendsgiving” dinner tonight was well over $200 for a meal that cost less than $150 last year.

Actually, my bill would have been higher had friends not offered to help supply some of the food.

These are the facts that most of us are living with right now.

The White House is literally mocking the higher prices…

They can do this because these “small” increases do not impact them one bit.

Joe Biden, for instance, will not be paying a penny this weekend.

Whatever his friends are not paying for, the American people will surely be picking up the tab, a point that Peter Doocy made during a recent briefing with Jen Psaki.

Psaki, of course, laughed off the question, saying a holiday is not the time to get political and Joe deserves to spend time with his family.

Doocy should have hit her back and asked, “You mean, like he has done very almost every weekend since taking office,” but he missed that layup.

It is exchanges like that which infuriate the average American and exactly why Joe Biden or any Democrat will get obliterated in the 2024 election.

Source: Breitbart

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16 Responses

      1. absolutely true, jo is a destroyer and is doing a bang up job. Anything Trump accomplished jo has set fire to. We are living in the end of times because we have no representation in Washington DC, most bought and paid for by big tech or China.

  1. No Secret Service or FBI or military will be able to protect Joe Biden when God takes him out for the good of America!!

  2. I’ve shopped around and every turkey regardless of size from 10 pound to 22 pound costs way more than $1.00 each compared to past years. I don’t know where she is purchasing hers but she has no idea how much more a turkey cost this year compared to past years and this goes for everything.

  3. Get your protection ready. Biden is getting rid of our military because they will not take an experimental drug. the illegals do NOT have to take the shot. Why? Biden is going to use them to control the people since our military is or will be shaved down to nothing. Then, and Then, he can become king Joe.
    Think about it folks, little or no military protection and thousands of illegal aliens to take over this country. The illegals have been wined and dined and everything was FREE! then Joe will call in his chips. THINK ABOUT IT REAL HARD WITH AN OPEN MIND. Who will protect us? The idea of an Army is to protect their home country, but we have been off “protecting ” others. Will the others come to help us as we did England, Italy, Germany, the Middle East? or will they just stand and watch?

  4. He does NOT deserve to spouted time with his family! Not as long as our families are suffering with the results of HIS lousy economy! Why should we care about him, he certainly cares nothing about us!

  5. Where is Jen Psaki buying her 20 lb, turkey for only $1.00 more this year? Cost lot more than $1.00 more!!!

  6. Bidens actually building a very strange military.. men that usually wear dresses I imagine. Hes gonna dress them up like the United nations and demand our firearms or else. After that battle the immigrants will take over our lives. Move into our homes and king Biden puts on his crown and rules.

  7. Biden and the democRATS in DC are the biggest pieces of TRASH walking the earth today. We the people need to take out the TRASH at the poles in the next election. I personally cant wait. GO REPUBLICANS.

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