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Biden Hires Twitter Manager for Transition Team

Joe Biden has been making a lot of fraudulent claims and posting most of them on social media.

The media and social media moderators, while regularly banning Trump posts, continue to let Biden get away with making these blatantly false statements.

After his most recent hire, all of that is starting to make sense.

Twitter Moderation Official

Carlos Monje used to work for the Obama administration.

Currently, he is Twitter’s public policy director as well as co-chair of Biden’s infrastructure policy.

He has now been named as part of Biden’s cabinet if Biden wins the election.

Monje also has ties to Hillary Clinton, serving as her director of agency review.

The really scary thing here is that Harris also reportedly has former staffers that currently work Twitter.

It is scary because she constantly calls on Twitter to ban Trump and his posts.

We see how quickly Twitter acts against Trump and it now seems that we know why.

If I am looking at this from the outside, it sure seems like some very powerful Democrats are calling the shots at Twitter.

You can read more about this on the Daily Caller.

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