Rep. Cuellar Hits Biden Hard in Immigration Policies

As Kamala Harris comes off her first trip abroad to discuss “root causes” of immigration, her fellow Democrats are starting to apply pressure.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) must answer to border Texans that are sick and tired of this massive surge impacting their communities.

He undoubtedly saw the recent election in McAllen that turned a Democrat stronghold into a Republican-run city, so now he is openly pushing back against the Biden immigration plan.

Cuellar Lets Loose

To his credit, Cuellar has not been quiet about the illegal immigration surge at our border.

However, this new stance where he is directly pointing to Biden is a bit more aggressive than he has been in the past.

While appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Cuellar hammered the immigration policies of this administration.

He stated, “Why not have immigration judges here at the border? Why not give everybody their day in court?”

“Look, everybody talks about people coming in, but if you have 100 people, most immigration judges are going to deny 88% of them and only 12%.

“So, why are we letting 100% of the people in when only 12% should be getting in — Bienvenidos — into the United States.

“Or whatever language, because as you know, there’s over 150 countries that are represented by people coming in, and there’s an increase of people from Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, Africa and other places, because they’re realizing at the southern part of the United States, whether it’s land or sea … all they have to do is bring a child, and they’re going to be released into the United States.”

Foreign leaders of these countries have also blasted the policies, with the president of El Salvador pointing the finger at free health care as a carrot to lure illegal immigrants.

Democrats are very fond of saying “words matter,” and they are right.

When Joe Biden and Democrat leaders vowed to give free health care and entitlement program access to illegals, they might as well have just put a sign up that says “come on in.”

Source: Breitbart

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18 Responses

    1. Agree Harris is dumb. But how did she get this far. First in line for the job of President? The Democrat party has some explaining to do. How did they let her get this far? How and why did they push Biden, the brain dead President. He is not capable of making a clear decision.

      1. I was watching Newsmax last night and they hit it on the head with the root cause. They said that it starts in the left wing of the White House with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They are the root cause of the border crisis.

  1. Joe Biden is a blithering idiot!!!
    I doubt he can even spell his name!!
    Anyone with a grain of sense should know that!!!
    He wasted billions of tax payers money!!
    Donald Trump is the best President we have had in years. He did more for America in his four years than any politician has done in my life time!!
    If I were a Dumacrat I would hang my head in shame at what this idiot has pulled!

    1. KUDOS‼️ Well Stated Sir. God Bless America. Biden and the rest of his posse have all Broken their OATHS TO WE THE PEOPLE. GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE FORFEITURE OF OFFICE.
      Once our elected persons stop representing WE THE PEOPLE, they become useless. They are representing with American’s hard earned Tax Dollars.
      This People is what a Tyrannical Government is Like.
      Laws for thee, but not for me.
      ILLEGAL. They haven’t a clue as to what that word means. Shame on the whole lot of them, hope The Republicans Stand Up. If Tin Man does not obey the Constitution, The Law Falls back to each States Constitutions while following America’s. We Do Not have To Do Any Of Our so called blah blah, actions. They are not laws. Get out and Vote Republican Everyone. God Bless America 🇺🇸

  2. I agree but what I don’t understand is we all write about what idiot they all are in charge of America, but no one is really listing to all of us that care. Because their still their my question is why have someone tried to have them impeach by now. The only thing I can think no one has the guts to do anything before theirs NO AMERICA left to be proud of being a American, we will have to learn how to speak Chinese !!!!!
    Please comment back if you want ([email protected] )

    1. The Democrats have the house and senate. There is no way the Democrats will impeach. Besides if we impeach Joe and Kamala, the we are looking at Pelosi, being president. This is why we need to to take the house and senate in 2022.

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