Biden Insulting Remark Toward Minorities Ignored by Media

Over his career, Joe Biden has made a lot of insulting comments to minorities.

They were largely ignored by the media during this election simply because the media wanted Donald Trump out of office.

During Joe Biden’s town hall on Tuesday night, he did it again, but this time, IF we can get the word out, we don’t expect the minority community to be so forgiving.

He Said WHAT?

When Joe Biden made the comment, it did not even raise an eyebrow on Anderson Cooper’s head.

Rest assured, if Trump made a comment that was anywhere in this ballpark, it would have been slapped all over the headlines.

Biden was discussing access to vaccination locations and the vaccine itself when he stated, “Not everybody in the Hispanic and the African-American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and/or inner-city districts, know how to get online to determine how to get in line for that COVID vaccination.”

Now, I could be wrong, but it sure sounded like Joe Biden was saying minorities in the Hispanic and black communities don’t know how to the internet.

Racist Undertones

This is far from the only time this administration has put out racist undertones, but it has been directed the other way before Biden’s most recent gaffe.

In December, a report was made on the Daily Mail that stated, “As a result, half of the nation’s states have outlined plans that now prioritize black, Hispanic and indigenous residents over white people in some way, as the vaccine rollout begins.”

That policy sent conservative commentator and former editor of the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, over the cliff.

On that policy, Shapiro stated, “Not only is this obviously racist, it happens to engender policy that kills more black people in absolute terms.

“Age is a far better predictor of COVID-19 vulnerability than race: As Dr. Gbenga Ogedegbe of the New York University Grossman School of Medicine found, infected patients die at the same rate regardless of race.

“This means that if you give tranches of the vaccine to patients based on racial concerns rather than age concerns, the most vulnerable black and Latino populations — elderly black people and Latinos — are more likely to die so that younger black and Latinos can receive a vaccine for a disease to which they are probably 10 times less vulnerable.”

Biden’s words about minorities can no longer be ignored and dismissed as “That’s just Joe.”

As Democrats were so fond of saying when Trump was in office, “words matter,” and Biden just blatantly insulted every minority in this country.

Will there be media outrage? Will there be an apology? Or, will all of this just get brushed under the doormat and/or laughed off again?

Sources: Daily Mail

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