Biden Issues Response to Trump Big Announcement

The stage is set for the big rematch.

Donald Trump has officially announced that he will be running for re-election.

When Joe Biden was asked if he had a reaction to the announcement, he offered up only two words… “Not Really.”

The Reaction

Trump gave a decent speech, but it clearly lacked the firepower of his previous speeches.

He laid out what seems like a solid agenda, but the question is if he will be able to put it into play.

In the space of just one week, Trump has gone from a solid favorite to at best, a slight lead over DeSantis.

In fact, in polls taken AFTER Trump’s announcement, DeSantis took the lead.

Circling back to Joe Biden’s reaction, don’t believe it.

His administration already had a response video dialed up and ready to go…

Make no mistake about it… if Joe Biden does run, he needs the nominee to be Donald Trump.

If it is anyone else, Biden is roadkill but with Trump, there is still enough of a resistance to him that Biden could possibly win a re-election bid, even with as disastrous a presidency as he is having.

Source: Daily Caller