Biden Makes Massive Miscalculation in Coronavirus ‘Hit’ Video Against Trump

It was only a matter of time before Democrats, more specifically, Joe Biden, used the coronavirus to attack Trump politically.

Biden and his campaign have now drawn first blood, putting out a campaign ad against Trump calling out what they deem to be shortfalls in Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, but just about everything in that video could come back go bite Biden right in the tail…

Rolled Over

So, if you watched the video, you saw Joe Biden accusing Trump of “rolling over” to the Chinese.

This claim is mostly based on the fact Trump was taking the information the Chinese were providing directly as well as to the World Health Organization at face value.

Hindsight is great, but Trump did not have that at the time.

Biden always maintains science should speak first, and in the case of Trump’s reaction, it did.

As late as February 29, Dr. Fauci was telling Americans that they did not need to change their behavior.

Biden also hits Trump for allowing more than 40,000 people back into our country AFTER the travel restrictions were put in place, but he is not telling the whole story.

This Will Hurt More Than Help Biden

The problem when you put a video out like this is that is going to get fact-checked at various levels.

First and foremost, people are going to look at Biden’s historical China policies and when they do, they will see a very weak man.

Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign’s communications director, stated, “Joe Biden has a big China problem. Our data shows that Biden’s softness on China is a major vulnerability, among many.”

As mentioned above, we can also document what scientists were recommending to Trump along the way to prove that Trump was taking their recommendations, even against his own beliefs, throughout this process.

Finally, there is the issue of the 40,000 people that Trump allowed back into the country.

Those 40,000 people were legal residents and citizens of this country, who had every right to be here.

When they came back, they were either self-quarantining or being forced to quarantine at sites under government watch.

So, in essence, Joe Biden is saying that he would have refused Americans the right to come back to their own country and would have left them stranded in disease-ridden nations.

The only question now is if the media will bring this up or if we have to wait for Trump to counterpunch to get an answer from Biden on that issue.

Source: Washington Examiner

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