Opinion: Biden May Have Hurt Fetterman with Coal Plant Statement

Joe Biden may have made a significant mistake on the campaign trail.

Biden was in California when he made the statement, so he clearly felt safe there making it.

The problem, however, is those words have traveled to PA, where they could really hurt Fetterman’s chances of beating Trump-backed Oz.

Thanks, Joe

As I am sure you all know, Fetterman is already in big trouble.

Fetterman also has plenty of constituents that come home covered in coal dust every night.

This is a pivotal Senate seat that could easily be responsible for swinging the balance, yet there was Joe talking about shutting down coal mines across the entire country…

Fetterman is already struggling, and now he has to try to explain this as well.

Thanks, Joe, because you may have just put the final nail in Fetterman’s coffin.

Source: Fox Business