Biden Memo Worried Trump ‘Can Still Win’ Election

In public, Joe Biden is putting on a cocky front, acting as though this election is a mere formality.

Behind the scenes, however, internal polling has the Biden campaign a little worried.

While national polls are all skewed in favor of Joe Biden, internal polling is telling a far different story.

He Can Still Win

Jen O’Malley Dillon, Joe Biden’s campaign manager, recently sent out an email to supporters that this race is far closer than the media would like us to believe.

She wrote, “[T]he reality is that this race is far closer than some of the punditry we’re seeing on Twitter and on TV would suggest.”

Many of the current polls are very reminiscent of what we saw in 2016 when everyone had Hillary running away with the election.

Dillon also touched on this, stating, “If we learned anything from 2016, it’s that we cannot underestimate Donald Trump or his ability to claw his way back into contention in the final days of a campaign, through whatever smears or underhanded tactics he has at his disposal.”

Trump Not Worried

Virtually every poll still has Trump losing, but the Trump team believes these polls are regularly weighted in favor of the Democrat party.

It is tough to argue that belief when you see the excitement for Trump around the country during his rallies.

We also all know how dangerous it is right now for anyone to openly say they are Trump supporters.

There really is a “silent” Trump voter in this country that is expected to show up in force on election day.

The real concern is the absentee ballots being collected, especially among the elderly.

We have seen tens of thousands of ballots tossed for one reason or another as well as report after report of discarded ballots being discovered.

It is hard to imagine an election that is not contested at this point, especially if Trumps wins.

Biden is reportedly readying his team for a massive legal battle, with hundreds of lawyers already on board to fight the election results.

Thankfully, this will all be over in a little more than two weeks, which is when the next battle begins.

Source: Fox News

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