Biden Mixes Up PA Candidates During Divisive Speech

Joe Biden has done it again.

He seemed to be taking the safe route during a PA speech where he called out conservatives.

Instead of names, he just referred to the candidates’ current position and body size.

Yet, he still managed to screw it up.

The Big Guy

Biden turned a policy speech into a rally speech, which we expected.

Begging for support for both Democrat candidates, he stated, “Folks, do me a favor. Presumptuous of me to say that, but think about doing me a favor.

“Please, please elect the Attorney General to the Senate.

“Elect that big ol’ boy to be governor.”

The attorney general is actually running for governor.

The “big ol’ boy” he was referring to is John Fetterman, who is the one running for the Senate.

The mistake aside, this is exactly what the GOP needed Biden to do.

If you know anything about Fetterman, you know he is a radical leftist.

That endorsement by Biden now means that Joe owns Fetterman’s record, and the GOP needs to exploit that as much as possible over the next three months.

Sanctuary cities, opening up prison doors, no voter ID laws, etc., it all becomes Biden’s now.

The RNC should be in the video cutting room right now and flooding social media with videos of every radical policy Fetterman has supported with Joe Biden telling voters to vote for him.

This is how we take this man down.

Source: Daily Caller

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29 Responses

  1. Americans, wake up! Biden is supposed to be running America! We are the laughing stock for our foreign adversaries. Biden has lost it! What more proof do we need!!!

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  2. He needs to be gone but we’re still screwed, our Veep is no better. America is sinking! Trump was a jerk in a lot of ways but our country was run in MUCH better shape, run like a thriving business. Please God, help our country!

    1. President Donald J. Trump, is a strong and firm Leader. because he truly LOVES AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. He was respected by Communist China, Russia and others. America was doing great, even with the Chinese Covid-19 various. (We must pray for all the people that perished from the Covid-19). The country was doing well, our “BORDERS WERE CLOSED,” Gas, Food and everything was at normal prices. There was BABY FORMULA on the shelves. There was Law and Order and our Men & Women in Blue were doing a great job, and our 13 Military Men and Women would have never been killed in Afghanistan, if President Trump was in the White House.
      The Mad Men, when he speaks, sounds like Hitler. HE must be IMPEACHED NOW, BEFORE COMMUNIST CHINA TAKES OVER AMERICA.

  3. Biden supposed to be running America? BS he can’t remember to zip his fly. A demented, obnoxious airhead. Willing to repeat anything on the prompter. A total fool in the public eye. Who are the Democrats standing up with him? Don’t see any names

  4. Imagine that, Biden is campaigning for “UNCLE FESTER” !!!! NOT A CRYING CHANCE !!!!!
    Republican Tsunami 2022, Biden will see to that !!!! MAGA !!!!!

  5. My comments aren’t being posted because I am actually telling the truth about this poor excuse of a president and this radical fascist who is running for the senate in Pennsylvania. If the people want to sign their own death warrant keep on electing these radicals.


    Joey biden is a fool! An appointed CLOWN who knows nothing but to lie!

  7. This Nation had its birth as a Nation under God. As a Nation under God, is the only way she can hope to survive. That does not mean that people of other faiths cannot live here, and be citizens. I does mean that He must always be the guiding force that leads this Nation, and that our laws reflect, and are guided by Biblical principles that ensure liberty, justice and freedom for all citizens. Without God, we perish both as a nation and individually. As for those among us who are at war with God, and are bent on leading this nation away from God, if they succeed in their mission, they should not expect to be allowed to survive and thrive here. Anyone who takes this Nation down, is going down with it. They will fight amongst themselves, until all are destroyed. And then, who knows? Maybe a remnant who follow Him will remain who will rise up and rebuild.

  8. We have to remember , GOD is still in control and my prayer is may we all pray together that Our GOD will have mercy and hear our plea, save our country. No one else can save us, so we need to be obedient to our Masters call.I have no specific party at this time, I am calling myself a conservative Independent.

  9. This FBI investigation is very strange…like “someone”put them up to it….WONDER WHO?

    Bribem, I’ll crawl to the polls if I have to, just to vote against your low life. This is yet another SEMI-FASCIST (which you called us) that wants to see your lame-azz out of the W.H.

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