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Biden Nonprofit Paid Top Execs Millions in Salary

In 2017, the Biden Cancer Initiative was founded.

Biden’s supporters have been pouring money into the organization ever since, only they were not really donating to cancer research.

New reports have revealed that the Biden Cancer Initiative (BCI) has been spending most of its money on salaries to staff and its top executives.

Just Another Crooked Front

We have found out over the last few years that charities/nonprofits are a great way to literally steal money from people.

They give to the organziation thinking their money is going to help fight for a cause but most of that money ends up in the pockets of the family and friends of those that started the charity.

That appears to be the case with BCI, a “non-profit” that spends about 65 percent of its donations on salary.

The Money Breakdown

From 2017 to 2018, tax forms show that the BCI raised and spent $4.8 million.

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Of that money, more than $3 million was paid to staff in the form of salaries, compensation, and benefits.

Among those salaries is $224,539 (2017) and $429,850 (2018) to the BCI president, Greg Simon.

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To give you an idea of how overpaid Simon is, the average salary for a mid-to-large sized nonprofit is $126,000.

Charity Navigator, a group that rates nonprofits, has a primary criterion for rating a charity by how much money it spends “directly on their programs.” It expects at least 75 of that money to be spent in that fashion, but the BCI is coming in at less than half that.

Of the remaining money not spent on salary and benefits, the BCI spent $740,000 on conferences, meetings, and conventions.

Not a single penny was ever spent on supporting any other group or foundation during the first two years of the Initiative’s existence.

Biden, of course, has not yet responded to requests for comments on this.

Source: Fox News & Washington Free Beacon

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