Biden Now Trailing Trump in 5 Key Battleground States

Donald Trump has been making some big moves as of late.

We have stated many times that in order for Trump to announce, he will need to be assured that he can win.

Well, the latest polling not only has Trump ahead nationally, but he is also beating Joe Biden in five key battleground states that dictated the outcome of the last election.

Just Want Trump Needed

Trump’s camp has been hammering internal polling to ensure they have the right data before making their move.

Fabrizio, Lee & Associates did the most recent polling for Trump’s Make America Great Again Committee.

The polling showed that Trump was ahead of Biden in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

These were all states won by Trump in 2016 and lost to Biden in 2020.

Trump held a double-digit lead in two states, an eight-point lead in Arizona, a six-point lead in Pennsylvania, and a three-point lead in Georgia.

Trump has also been dominated outside polling, as most major media polls have Trump ahead of Joe Biden.

Additionally, in generic party polls, Republicans are clearly getting the nod by Americans.

As we reported last night, Biden is now underwater in all but five states, which does not paint a happy picture for the 2022 cycle.

We are slightly less than a year from election day in 2022, so it is hard to imagine Biden making a big enough turnaround to change the mid-term outcome.

If Republicans do as well as I am projecting, it will turn Biden into a lame duck for his final two years, which means it will be virtually impossible for him to make up any ground once Republicans take control.

That could set up Democrats for an even bigger loss in 2024.

Fox News breaks it all down in the video below…

What do you guys think?

Do you want to see Trump win or do you think we are better off with a candidate like Ron DeSantis heading the ticket?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News & Newsweek

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41 Responses

  1. I would rather see DeSantis with solid backing by Trump. DeSantis could make two terms and put Trump on his cabinet.

    1. Yes! Trumpet has way too much baggage to get the country behind him. The day he is elected the controversy will start anew. DeSantis will start fresh and has the possibility of actually uniting a new bulk of our country…Republicans plus many independents.

    2. I agree that DeSantis would be great, except that I’m a Floridian and hate to let him leave. On the other side, I have great concerns about putting Trump in a lesser position. I’m not sure how he’d handle that. And I’m a Trump fan too.

      1. Disanti’s said that he’s running for reelection of Governor, He’s not running for Prez. So I don’t think ya need to worry about losing him,

    3. I have won over $350 MILLION TOKENS from Publishers Clearing House and have not won a DAMN THING. Think maybe the BIDENS are probably in charge!!

    4. I agree; DeSantis would have a lot less of the political baggage that would accompany Trump. While I like President Trump, and I voted for him twice, and I liked the job that he did, too many other people would vote against him, just like 2020. People didn’t vote for Biden: they voted against Trump.

      1. Sorry, Mark people did not vote for Biden and they did NOT vote against Trump. There was so much voter fraud it was ridiculous. In fact, there is more evidence that there was so much voter fraud and people are getting arrested and indicted. I wouldn’t be surprised if President Trump gets reinstated. I think also that the VP should be DeSantis and then DeSantis can then become President after President Trump is done being President of the United States. The political baggage was created by the Rinos, leftist, cabal, and the MSM. The reason they did all that was because they were expecting to have Hillary win and Trump beat her by so much they couldn’t cheat enough. Then while they created all the political baggage against Trump they figured out how to make sure they could cheat well enough for Biden to win. For example, the Russian collusion was started by Hillary in order to get people distracted from her and her emails and make President Trump look bad to start an investigation and Impeachment on false information. There were a lot of Rinos, leftists, MSM, and cabal involved to keep this nonsense lasting a very long time. It always amazed me that Schiff used to say he had all this information and yet Mueller had nothing even after 30 – 40 thousand dollars later. If Meuller was having problems finding information against President Trump why didn’t Schiff just share the information with Mueller? Because he didn’t have anything either, everyone was lying. If this is the political baggage that you are referring to keep in mind there really wasn’t any true honest political baggage – all was made up lies to try to get rid of President Trump he was destroying their plan to turn the United States into a Communist country. Why do you think Biden/Obama is moving at lightning speed to destroy the United States cause they lost 4 years and trying to make up for time.

  2. brandon sent the energy sector into a tail-spin by cancelling drilling and pipelines. rather than learn from his egregious errors, he is doubling down on stupid by talking about shutting down more pipelines. his situation is hopeless because by election day it will be plain things are not going to be better in 2022 and 2024 than they were in 2019. good riddance you doddering, dithering fool.

  3. I DO NOT want anyone other than Trump! DeSantis, Jordon, Cruz, Rubio, and a few other QUALIFIED VP’s could be VP to KEEP THE DEMWITTS “out” of DC until they LEARN THEIR LESSON, which will TAKE A FEW YEARS. THERE are many REPUBLICANS that could be PRESIDENT in TRAINING under TRUMP. But we need to keep REPUBLICANS in for awhile to WASH OUT ALL THESE WORTHLESS DEMOCRATS!

    1. Exactly! Trump for president and there are several great pics for V.P. It does matter which republican wins the media will treat them all the same. We need someone who will stand up and fight back.


      1. You are so right, Kathy, but don’t say that on FB. whatever you fo. I did, and was told, crawl back under my rock, pound sand, and a number of other unkind things!!! I too am a Trump supporter but, so many voter’s aren’t, and we have to think about that. Another name at the top of the ticket, maybe the best way to go, with Trump’s expertise in second place! I don’t know, what do you think? It’s so important to get rid of the present administration, ASAP!!! Impeach them now, would be a dream come true. B.⚓😡🙏⚓Betty

  4. Governor DeSantis has already stated that he is not interested in running for President at this time. Believe he wants to see where his wife’s latest cancer flare up takes them and he is not done with Florida, thank goodness! However, a DeSantis/Trump ticket would be ideal!

  5. Trump was leading in all five battleground states on 2020 election day +1, before 3 AM. He will win only if the fraudulent vote counts are controlled.

  6. I supported Trump for president in both elections.
    Believe in 2024 election Desantis, Cruz, or Rubio as president and Trump as VP would be a great ticket. In 2020 the younger group 18 to 35 voted as a popularity contest like a high school election as some didn’t like Trumps honesty and got hurt by his truthful tweets. To avoid this in 2024 suggest Desantis or Cruz as president on the ticket. Trump as VP and a prominnet cabinet member is a MUST for the republicans.
    Note also the suburban women with children have now opened their eyes to the devious democrats and CRT in the k through college curriculums. I will support ALL Republican tickets period. Trump showed America that he is for America first and Biden has surely shown the opposite by his actions with his puppetmasters.
    Red wave in 2022 and 20224. Will support Trump if is the Republican candidate for president but have vocied my feelings on why he should be on the ticket but maybe not as the primary candidate. I belwieve in Trump and his policies and just want this to continue with the 2024 Presidential election.

    1. TRUMP all the way. What better patriot, leader in business, directing things to get done, protecting American citizens, tax payers, keeping illegals out and from getting OUR MONEY for doing NOTHING but leaching off our work. Democrats love this leaching society so they can direct them and keep stealing from the general populace.

  7. Kamala😂🤣😂🤣Let’s be real people!! The apple don’t fall far from that Biden tree. We’ll the blind leading the blind. If that’s what is called leading nowadays.

  8. While trump will be an instant target as he was through much of his first term the lesson presented IRT the falseness of the accusations should stick. Though Florida’s Governor DeSantis has all of the talent and qualifications he is needed more as Florida’s governor. The U. S. Navy’s loss loss is Florida’s gain.

  9. Trump “IS” the only person who can withstand the relentless “Anti-Conservative” propaganda, that the bias media will continue to pump out…Against ANY Republican, who gets elected as POTUS!!!
    It must be Trump!

    1. I AGREE with Colette, TRUMP IN 2024, and there are MANY others that could be VP and to CARRY ON in 2028 and beyond. THE DEMWITTS HAVE taught us a LESSON, “NEVER AGAIN will we BOW to WOKENESS, CRT, DEFUND THE POLICE, and CANCEL CULTURE!” They are all UNAMERICAN and yes that INCLUDES BLM and ANTIFA!

  10. It won’t matter who the Republicans run, DeSantis, Trump, etc. The left will spend the next four years crucifying whoever gets the win if they are Republican. So I say, lets go with the devil we know rather than the devil we don;t know. GO TRUMP.,

  11. I would like to see Trump again even though he may only be able to be President for one term. I am not sure but he might be able to serve two terms because he can not serve two consecutive terms. There is a break there so it is something that a Constitutional Scholar would have to decide, so I will leave that to someone who is.

  12. I would like to see Trump reverse all those Executive orders that Biden canceled of his and reopen the pipeline and put this Nation back on its feet. That would be poetic justice.

  13. Think DeSantis has done a great job as governor – BUT POTUS Is BIG – not sure he is ready but VP although he doesn’t have the baggage Trump has but Trump did a hell of a job even with all the crap thrown at him much better job then this clueless man who I won’t call POTUS – how about PUPPET IN CHIEF OR LIAR IN CHIEF!

  14. Democrat supporters are the laughing stock of the world! You have to be a total idiot to support ANY Rat! That is a fact! Biden is your image and representative of your intelligence, like it or not! You idiots destroyed a prosperous nation! All you Biden supporters are to blame for destabilizing the world!

  15. Battleground states popularity poles mean nothing. Without a doubt the democrats will resort to cheating again. The Republicans will once again do little or nothing to stop the fraud. The Supreme Court will once again not hear cases involving voter and ballot cheating, and what comes next will be bloody violence. I truly believe that a bloody revolution is the only way to stop the subversion, cheating, and Treason going on in politics now. If 2024 becomes a repeat of 2020, then it’s time….

  16. J B. Definitely Trump. He is the only one that has the backbone and nerve to stand up to the swamp. DeSantis is great but I think he really wants to stay in Florida for a while longer. You can’t beat Trump for the know how of getting at the bottom of things , just look at all the states that proved criminal vote if and then the Dems wouldn’t hear the court cases. But he got them proved any how. The will power and stamina is there to make America great again.

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