Biden Orders 50 Million Barrels Released from Strategic Reserve

Joe Biden just made a very bold move in an effort to drive down gasoline prices.

Biden has just ordered the release of 50 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

The move was made in conjunction with several other nations tapping into their reserves to alleviate the price crunch on gasoline.

Bold Move

Just moments ago, the White House stated, “The President stands ready to take additional action, if needed, and is prepared to use his full authorities working in coordination with the rest of the world to maintain adequate supply as we exit the pandemic.”

This is a bold move by Biden on several fronts, with just one small payoff.

When prices go down, Joe Biden gets to stay that he helped organize the relief of the crisis by releasing the reserve as well as getting other nations to do so.

That’s it… that is his payoff.

The risk is far more significant, especially when considering that this administration was partially responsible for the rise in gas prices by shutting down a major pipeline and curbing domestic oil drilling.

The moment Joe Biden taps into those reserves, Donald Trump gets to start bragging that were it not for him topping off the depleted reserves, Biden would not even have this option.

Trump can also brag about how low the price of oil was when he did so, a price that is not likely to be seen anytime in the near future.

There is now also the danger of having a fuel crisis in the winter and not having enough oil to meet domestic needs.

If we have a harsh winter and the oil supply is tight, does this move to win political points backfire?

The one narrative that needs to be pushed here is that Joe Biden really should get no credit at all here.

He spilled this milk, so dropping a paper towel on top of it and claiming you cleaned up the mess does not float here, especially if we have a heating oil shortage in the winter.

Source: Fox Business

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32 Responses

    1. He doesn’t even want the oil and he is only doing this one thing to make himself look good, make no mistake if he does something like this it is only for his glorification!!!

      1. That’s not much oil each major city consumes over 2 million gallons if gas each day I’ve hauled fuel 24 years and get board sitting in line at refinery yall can finish the math im not sure how much oil is used per 1 gallon or 10 or 100 and of course im in the city of Memphis so a lot of variables to go through so a ruff estimate is about it bit still 50 million barrels im thinking maybe an afternoon in our entire country

    2. Democrats don’t do simple. The harder they can make it for working Americans they will do it. They have to support their radical agenda and give away Money to illegals for votes Biden needs to go ASAP

    3. I am voting straight republican next year in the hope of getting biden impeached, the EPA closed down, return of coal power generation with permanent government hands off coal, oil, gas, heavy industry, steelmaking, nuclear, chemicals, etc.

  1. The article left out a very important provision of the payback to the Reserve required for those companies that take the Reserve oil now. Forecasts of higher crude costs in 2022 will limit taking from the Reserve now…..

  2. Looks to me the Dems are running scared to loose the midterm election. We have plenty of oil, the reserve does not play a role in Biden’s actions. What a joke Biden is trying to undo his false orders. Blame it on the pandemic like the rest of his actions. Biden and his clan must go as soon as possible

  3. Really, “as we exit the pandemic”. If we’re exiting the pandemic why is this butthead considering changing the definition of “fully vaccinated” to include the equally poisonist booster shots?

  4. This move alone is reason to undergo a cognitive mental skills test on this pretend President. Does he not know that 1 year ago our country was energy independent? We were producing oil as a nation, gas prices were half of what they are today and we didn’t need to beg nations that hate us to do us a favor and increase their production. This President inspires nothing but hopelessness and fear in most of the American people. All he has to do is let our country go back to what they were doing last year and he’d look like a hero. But in reality is nothing but a ZERO!

  5. Is Biden and his cabal stupid or what? I’ve never seen such idiotic craziness in my life, First he shuts down oil production to save the world from “global warming” BS, then he asks OPEC to increase oil production and sell it to the USA but they say no, and finally, he wants to get more oil from the US STRATEGIC RESERVE. They must think oil from the Middle East or the Strategic Reserves are less polluting than what can be produced in the USA. Brilliant stupidity at it’s finest.

    1. Perfectly said! He is in bed with China. What happens now if our oil reserve is depleted? A country with no resources is doomed.

  6. Maybe if he stood read to NOT destroy our energy independence by caving to the enviro whakos.
    What Trump has built Biden shall destroy.

  7. It would be easier for Joe to reopen our oil that he shut down on day one instead of using our oil reserves that if we were attacked our military would not run out. Joe wants to use it to make himself look good but what is he going to do with it. He hates America so my guess is expert it….

    1. BiDUMB has been working hard at reducing the efficiency and power of our Military. This is simply another step in his process to reduce the U.S. into an easily controlled third world nation. And, I bet there is a special secret reserve for top DemonRATS and other “anointed” individuals.
      All loyal Americans need to set aside about 20 gallons of gasoline to dedicate to the upcoming Civil War against the establishment.

  8. Big deal — President Trump fills up the reserve (when the price was low – because of Trump’s policies) and this phony (Biden) depletes the reserve to COVER UP his incompetence. How many MORE pipelines are you going to shut down now, you putz !!!

    1. What good are pipelines from our oil fields since BiDUMB has halted drilling and blocking off the oil leases from drilling? Then he authorizes the auction of Gulf of Mexico oil leases, but to WHOM?

  9. Biden wouldn’t have had to touch the reserves if he wouldn’t have shut down the pipeline and other things here in the US we were oil independent under Trump and now Biden is begging OPEC for more oil. And they wonder why the US is looking like pathetic fools to the world.

  10. I wonder if President Trump had not filled the back up oil in the tanks if Biden would have done it with empty tanks?

  11. 50,000,000 B…What a Joke. Why That’s 2 1/2 Days Worth, Just to Fuel USA’s Vehicles Alone !!! We Use 6,000,000,000 B a Year !!! By Now, The Canadian ( ZERO carbon foot print ) Pipe Line Would Be Just About Finish.

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