Biden Promised to Shut Down COVID, But…

During the 2020 campaign, I repeatedly stated that Democrats and the media would regret pushing positivity rates over mortality rates.

This was especially true once the vaccine was out and people had recovered with natural antibodies.

With an Omicron variant promising to be more contagious but not necessarily more deadly, Democrats and this administration are panicking over the fact Biden has failed on his most significant campaign promise… to shut down COVID.

Travel Bans Don’t Stop COVID

Before I get into the meat of this article, I want you to look at some tweets that went out during the 2020 campaign from Joe Biden

Now, here is one that is of particular interest considering the ban against the African countries…

And then there was Kamala Harris hitting Trump on this as well…

Well, Joe Biden just issued a travel ban, which goes directly against everything he stated during the campaign.

It also happens to be against African nations, so I wonder if Kamala will say it is driven by hate.

Here is the truth… it didn’t matter who was in office in 2019 and 2020, this virus was going to hit us.

It can no longer be denied that Democrats politicized this pandemic to the point people actually believed Joe when he said Trump mismanaged this and he could shut down the virus, as if he had the key in his pocket that no other nation had.

COVID is the new flu, only it is just a bit deadlier.

Breakthrough cases have proven this virus cannot be eliminated, so we have to live with it just like we did the flu for all those years.

With an active mortality rate of under one percent and an overall mortality rate of about two percent, the time for mandates and lockdowns has clearly passed.

Democrats cannot do that, however, because their entire platform was built on lowering positivity rates.

Voters have a big decision to make in 2022 and 2024. Do you want your freedom or do you want to remain under the strict control of Democrats?

In my book, freedom wins out every time.

Source: Fox News

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12 Responses

  1. Biden is such a LOOSER! He has more Corona Virus deaths on his hand in 10 months than Trump ever had! Biden promised that he would end the virus, looks like we still have it and it continuing strong! Biden lied again. He can’t accomplish do do with anything. I’m pissed that this geriatric is in charge of country and it is being destroyed by him! Ever see the movie Lion King. Trump is the Lion King and Biden is Scar!

  2. O’Biden probably already got a “REAL” vaccine from the Chi-comms and made sure HIS friends and allies are protected while OUR nation crumbles under the Democrat regime !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So, not only did “Lying Joe” mock Trump during the 2020 race, but now he’s implementing many of the same Coronavirus restrictions/ (and more) …. including travel bans. Here’s the thing though …. Biden is OK with INVADERS from over 100 countries crossing our southern border with NO(?) restrictions. Most of the Central American illegals come from countries that have less than 1% of their people vaccinated. Why is this okay? Let’s not forget, that “Lying Joe” has also been paying for illegals to get on planes and fly them from their Central American countries into the U.S. You want to talk about abuse of power, AND breaking our laws? Biden needs to be impeached ASAP after the 2022 midterms … followed by Kamala, Nancy, then Obama & Clinton. [ The Dems impeached Trump when he was out of office, so anything goes! ]

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