Biden Pushes Police Reform at Ceremony Honoring Slain Officers

I am not sure who is writing Joe Biden’s speeches these days, but they need a wake-up call.

Even if your party is pushing police reform as hard as possible, a ceremony honoring the fallen is not the place to push your agenda.

Biden did just that, telling grieving family members that it was time for police to “heal the breach” created in “so many communities.”

You Created the Problem!

Biden, during his speech, inappropriately pushed police reform during the event.

He, in part, stated that police have “a call to do better, for us to step up, build trust and respect, and heal the breach we now see in so many communities.”

The entire narrative of distrust was created by Democrats when they took outlier cases and treated them as the norm.

Biden himself has jumped to conclusions many times regarding law enforcement, including recently with the Border Patrol.

You can see Joe Biden’s full speech below, so you tell us what you think…

Was that an appropriate speech to give in that setting or do you think Biden crossed a line?

Source: New York Post

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8 Responses

  1. Biden has NO business being in that job. He is totally Incompetent. So is Kamala, aka Jezebel, Harris. Following her you’ve got Nancy, the evil alcoholic, Pelosi.

    The whole Democrat lineup at the top job is disastrous at best.

  2. Hi to everyone and thank you for reading, this is just another kick in the face for our police ,, biden should never have been at this event in the first place, he’s a complete and total failure in every thing he says and does, and for this country, he has no right to gas light are police and to blame them for his complete and total failure to this country and our allies, this government that has been nothing but unlawful unconstitutional and down right disgusting fro to and of this great country, I will not see him or call him president , biden is not and never will be the true president of this country.

    1. Amen… I agree 100% with you. But I just might add, HE IS NOT & WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT. Fraud from the get go!!!!!!!

  3. What the cops REALLY need, is to get rid of their “Progressive Democrat” leaders, such as Governors, Mayors, City Councils, DAs, AGs, Etc. !!!!!!!!!!! As well as our Pretend President and his Puppeteers !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m sure there are some bad eggs out there. But why on earth don all of the cops and their families have to suffer for it? We need our cops.

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