Biden Commits to $20B for Indonesia to End Coal Usage

I would love to see Joe Biden’s checkbook.

On Tuesday, the Biden administration announced a $20 billion aid package for Indonesia.

The money is a group commitment of 10 international partners to move Indonesia away from coal.

Write the Check

How much of that $20 billion will come from our pockets is not yet known, but I imagine it will be the lion’s share.

The United States and Japan lead the coalition, and it will be called “Just Energy Transition Partnership.”

Indonesian President Joko Widodo stated, “Indonesia is committed to using our energy transition to achieve a green economy and drive sustainable development.

“This partnership will generate valuable lessons for the global community and can be replicated in other countries to help meet our shared climate goals through concrete collaborative actions.”

Joe Biden loves to play hero with our tax dollars, but I am not sure where this money is going to come from.

Every time he opens his mouth, it seems like our debt calculator gets another quick jolt.

Here is another question worth pondering.

It will probably be decades before we are breaking even on renewable energy just on the money we are spending in this country.

Since we are now paying for the transition for other countries, exactly how many generations pass before the red ink turns to black?

Source: Fox News