Biden Refuses to Take Questions on FBI Raid of Trump’s Home

One would think that the FBI raiding of a former president’s home would have the administration locked and loaded to answer questions.

That is hardly the case.

Biden has outright refused and his spokespeople have deflected questions more than a dozen times.

Media Getting Testy

During a Biden appearance, the media hit him with several questions.

Instead of answering them, he just stood there and smiled like an idiot before walking away.

When Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked questions, she continued to deflect.

She also claimed that the White House knew nothing about the raid and only learned about it when reports first surfaced on the news.

I doubt there was a single person in the room that believed that.

This was the back-and-forth between Jean-Pierre and Doocy when she finally called on him…

He was far from the only reporter that hit her on this front.

For instance, Sebastian Smith of AFP, asked, “Is [Biden] confident that he has a plan to address the way that a lot of Americans — maybe even a very large number of Americans — are being told and may now believe that Donald Trump is being persecuted, that the deep state is coming after you, that the IRS and the FBI and corrupt?

“This is really believed, apparently. by really a lot of people. He’s the leader of the whole country, as he often says, does he have a handle on this?”

Jean-Pierre replied, “Your question is still asking me to comment on what’s happening…  I’m going to stick to what I’ve been saying… This is a criminal investigation that’s independent to the DOJ and we leave any inquiry, any questions about what is happening to the Department of Justice.”

In all, I counted 18 times that officials deflected questions.

Yet, here we are, 48 hours after the home of a president was raided by the FBI, and not a single official associated with the raid has made a comment.

That is not exactly transparent.

Source: New York Post

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