Biden DOI Renames Hundreds of ‘Racist and Derogatory’ Landmarks

It is good to know this administration has its priorities in order.

Instead of doing something useful, they looked up names of streets and landmarks to rename because they were deemed offensive.

So, the Department of the Interior has now identified almost 650 “racist and derogatory” geographical features on federal lands that it will change.


DOI Secretary Deb Haaland stated, “I feel a deep obligation to use my platform to ensure that our public lands and waters are accessible and welcoming.

“Together, we are showing why representation matters and charting a path for an inclusive America.”

So, she created the Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force in 2021.

The offensive word… Squaw.

Merriam-Webster defines the words as “an Indigenous woman of North America.”

I am not exactly sure why that is offensive, but this administration seems to invent things to be offended about, so it is not exactly surprising.

Karen Budd-Falen, deputy solicitor for DOI’s parks and wildlife division under former President Donald Trump, ripped the DOI on its latest announcement.

She stated, “There are great issues in this country that really need time and attention.

“I just worry that we’re so busy worrying about political correctness and we’re not focused on these other issues more pressing issues and issues that are really going to affect the future structure of energy and American rural communities.”

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) stated, “It’s unconscionable that at a time of record inflation, record high gas prices, and an unsecured border, this is what the Biden administration is focusing on.

“This is yet another attempt to rewrite history to fit the Democrats’ extremist narrative.

“It’s a shame, and this is not what the American people want.”

If you ask me, what the American people want is at the bottom of this administration’s priority list.

Source: Daily Caller

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