Biden Says Female Reporter Asked ‘Stupid Question’

Oh boy… Joe Biden just disturbed a hornet’s nest.

While the White House was still scrambling to clean up Joe’s Wednesday press conference, he made another major gaffe.

Biden, under his breath, insulted a female reporter by saying she had asked a “stupid question.”

Oh Boy…

So, the precedent was set by Democrats and the media when Trump was in office.

If you dared to challenge or insult a female reporter, you were a sexist… end of discussion.

The topic of the day was Russia.

Fox News correspondent Jacqui Heinrich shouted, “Why are you waiting on [Russian President Vladimir] Putin to make the first move, sir?”

Biden can then be heard saying, “What a stupid question.”

Only it was not.

First, Biden’s own Secretary of State put this question in the table with recent comments.

When asked about a possible war over Ukraine, Blinken stated, “You really have to ask President Putin.

“It’s ultimately going to be President Putin who decides what Russia will do.”

The insinuation is that they are waiting to see what Putin will do before making a move.

Former Obama Director of Global Engagement Brett Bruen agreed, stating, “It isn’t a stupid question.

“It’s a really important one.

“We continue to allow Putin to set the terms, timeline, & trajectory of this crisis.

“It’s time we stop being so reactive & start creating some of our own conditions.”

Senator Blackburn already hit back on this front as well, tweeting…

So, let’s see how riled up AOC and Pelosi get on this one.

We should probably get comfortable, however, because I doubt pushback and a reprimand for Biden will come anytime soon.

After all, it was only a Fox News reporter, right?!

Do you think Dems should tell Biden to apologize?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Sources: Yahoo! Finance, Breitbart, & New York Post

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36 Responses

      1. Stop calling biden stupid. He can’t help being stupid. So don’t call stupid biden stupid any more. How would you like it if you were biden, GOD forbid, and some one called you stupid? It’s not his fault he’s stupid and can’t be fixed. I can’t believe how stupid biden is.

        1. Look, he is the President. He is not an ordinary citizen and he makes daily decisions that affects all of us. Biden is nothing. He is not making the decisions. Others are and he doesn’t know what he is doing I don’t think. This is our country and Biden and his controllers are doing their best to ruin it. And they are.

    1. Stupid is as stupid does, Maybe He should have his buddy Forrest Hanks Gump give Him some loves and do the apologizing for HIm?

      1. Easy on the stupid. The stack of “errors” Biden and his staff have made are really very deliberate in
        my view. We elected a man who wants us to fail. We are the last free Republic and our President hates that fact. Biden is a dictator and he has been played by many, behind the scenes, that support him. I left the Democrats years ago when the party kept doing “stupid” things and never trusted Biden not to continue. None of this is an accident.

    2. Have you noticed he is wearing shirts with shoulder pads to mask his appearance? Everything about this administration is a lie, phony BS.

      1. Can you or anyone else imagine what it would be like if Biden had to spend some time in the real world instead of that “rough and tumble” world of politics?

  1. Can’t fix stupid. The longer this goes on the worse it gets. The more humane thing to do is to put him down and out of his misery.

    1. I agree with that answer. the only stupid one there is the one at the stage. I wish I could see who’s pulling the strings.

      1. I’m sure Soros is involved , should have removed him from America a long time ago , he has always been anti- American , wants to make America into his kind of county after he distroys , all that America used to stand for .

    2. I agree. That is what we do with animals. On the farm we did the best we could and sometime the inevitable decision had to be made. That is the humane way!

    3. Totally agree , he is weak His mind ( if he ever had one ) is gone , he has money on his brain ., will sell america out to the highest bidder, probably what he is doing right now , waiting to see who offers the most money to take America down,

  2. How can anyone not see that he (Joe Biden) is an absolute buffoon. How much more incompetence can WE THE PEOPLE TAKE???

  3. Look who’s calling who stupid!
    The nerve of Biden calling someone else “STUPID”! Certainly takes one to know one. Speaking of a Baffoon!

  4. Every time PRESIDENT Trump opened his mouth, the media was calling him unprofessional, unpresidential, etc., etc., etc. Why does the media seem to encourage and applaud that behavior from little jerk joey????

  5. Not only is Biden stupid, his whole damn administration is stupid plus the corrupt lying media who is protecting him is also stupid.I want our country back the way it was before it became stupid with this stupid president.

    1. Now there you go Dan, insulting all the stupid people in the world. Personally, I don’t think there are words to actually describe Biden. He’s way beyond stupid. We all have to remember that he is VERY DANGEROUS!

  6. guess he won’t be signing any Dale Carnegie books on ”how to win friends and influence people” on the inner flaps , but will probably claim he co-authored it.

  7. Biden is in dementia. Whoever is behind him pulling his strings wants to destroy our country. What can we do about it? Get Biden OUT of office as quickly as possible, as well as STUPID Harris.

  8. When it comes to pertinent questions on national security or on unconstitutional voting rights legislation there is no such thing as dumb questions ; only dumb, incoherent, delusional answers and this iddiot seems to have mastered that if nothing else !

  9. Well Biden is the leader of the stupid pack, he’s been lazy and stupid his political career, he’s done nothing for our country cause he’s so stupid. Now he has Hanks stumping for in his commercial that is100% wrong, now he’s just a stupid liar, I’d say he brought Hanks down to his level but Hanks was already there. If you want to see what our country is headed for watch the movie 1984, perfect example of what the democrats want. Now we wait for Biden to say more stupid stuff.

  10. Any “apology” by Brandon would NOT be sincere since he is the stupid one! After all: Stupid is as stupid does and he is so good at that!! At least he has company in that regard with a VP has absolutely NO idea what the job entails and/or how do to the job. Birds of a feather, etc., etc., etc.!!!

    1. Now there you go Dan, insulting all the stupid people in the world. Personally, I don’t think there are words to actually describe Biden. He’s way beyond stupid. We all have to remember that he is VERY DANGEROUS!

  11. Well Joe it is unfortunate that it is to late but you must have arrived late at the dock of life and found the boat already gone, Did your parents keep you in the basement from birth to now?
    Life is one big learning school, from birth to death we continue to take all of life experiences and put them in that big memory bank that is tucked away between our ears and before opening our mouth and making a snide comment or a bad decision we run it past all of them memories. If you ever had those memories you have a really, really big leak. You are failing decision making 101 Get some GOOD help.

  12. Yes, he should apologize, Biden. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC/Squad & her anti-american play mates, transportation guy buttigieg(?) Schiff, Mayorkas all look like they have no idea what is coming out of their mouths, when speaking in front of a camera, very sad! Most important Biden should be removed from office, he is such an EMBARASMENT to the AMERICAN PEOPLE and making so very many serious mistakes.
    Each and everyone of those people w/FAUCI, CDC, AG, DOJ, FBI should be stood in front of the AMERICAN PEOPLE and made to APOLOGIZE FOR THIS COVID/MASK, as well as give every dime of the TAX Payers dollars back in which the were paid. FAUCI should be SUED and put under the jail. LOOK WHAT HE FAUCI DID TO THOSE PUPPIE, KIDS !!!!!!

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