Biden Administration Slams Abbott for Border Moves

Texas Governor Abbott is looking out for his state.

Since Joe Biden is doing nothing about the border situation, Abbott managed to draw attention to it by sending migrants to New York City and DC.

Secretary Mayorkas headed to the border this week, dropping a scathing rebuke on Abbott for wreaking “havoc” by daring to jump into the picture with a resolution.

We Got This

Mayorkas was upset that Abbott took control of the situation on his own.

He considered immigration a federal issue, yet illegal immigrants are overrunning Texas and Arizona.

Abbott has made several moves to control the border, which includes working toward finishing the border wall with Texas funds.

This has not pleased Mayorkas.

The useless DHS Secretary stated, “[W]hen we work with DPS, in coordination with DPS, they are of tremendous assistance to us.

“When state officials work unilaterally and do not coordinate and collaborate with us, it can actually wreak havoc.

“We’re working very closely with our partners to the south and Mexico.

“On this, we have brought, I think, over 4,000 prosecutions between our two countries.

“I think the attack on the smuggling organizations is what we need to continue, and to continue to escalate.”

Let me ask you a question Secretary Mayorkas…

In the overall scheme of things, how much of a dent do you think 4,000 makes when this state is seeing upwards of somewhere between 5,000 and 8,000 cross the border illegally every day?

Go back to your hole in DC… Texas has this.

Source: Fox News

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