Biden Slams Republicans at Fundraiser Amid Bipartisan Infrastructure Push

Joe Biden and Democrats cannot be trusted… how many times do I have to say it.

A group of Republican senators are all walking around today, slapping themselves on the back, for getting a bipartisan deal with a Democrat in the White House.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is at a private fundraiser slamming the entire Republican Party as fearmongers.

Slippery Slope

Joe Biden is a snake in the grass, and he proved it again Monday night.

Numerous Republicans were doing the circuit to try to get support for the bipartisan infrastructure deal negotiated with the White House and Senate Democrats.

That should have gotten them a break from the usual rhetoric, but that was not the case.

While the GOP was working the American people to support the bill, Joe Biden was trashing those very Republicans.

Seventeen Senate Republicans backed the legislation for Biden, and what did Biden say about them?

While appearing at the virtual event, Biden stated, “We just have to keep making our case — just as the Republican party today offers nothing but fear, lies, and broken promises.”

Later in the event, he took another shot at the GOP, stating, “We have to keep cutting through the Republican fog — that the government isn’t the problem, and show that we, the people — we, the people, are always the solution.”

Those 17 Republicans literally put their careers on the line to work with Democrats, and this is how he repays them.

Division, hate, anger… as I have said many times, that is what Joe Biden and Democrats put on their dinner plate every night.

Source: Breitbart

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12 Responses

  1. GOD will deal with those who mess with HIS PEOPLE. If you read the biblical story Moses and the Israelites. You will understand what HE can & will do to those who support the Demoncratic idioligy of abortions and allowing an insecure, borderless United States of America. Shame on those, who would cause division among it’s citizens and allow migrants to have what our own people need to survive, for their own selfish gratification and avericiuosnous or greed.

    1. Heck this was another time when dementia Joe last four live brain cells went awol and only two returned

  2. Tick tick tick here comes November 8 2022 Demoncrats. That will be your last day of grubbing for power.

  3. How many true Americans will vote for the radical left in any future elections? I’m a registered Independent and I won’t.

    1. One is Too many,but those that vote for this change in America, should really search their minds if they are doing the right things for all Americans! When we go to vote, each vote is now for America or Putin’s way. And that is what your vote means to every GOD loving Americans

  4. The corrupt dems will cheat again in 2022 and the republicans will just sit around and do nothing as usual.
    Not another penny to the RNC until they show a backbone and beat the dems at their own game.

    1. I agree, they are do nothing Republicans! They along with the Dummorats are doing nothing for the people!

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