Biden Snaps at Reporter for Questioning Divisive Voting Rights Speech

While I have not reviewed the entire press conference from Biden yet, one part did immediately catch my eye.

We knew there would be a point where Joe Biden lost his cool, and he did.

Philp Wegmann from Real Clear Politics was the one that got Biden to snap.

Not What I Said

As most of you have read by now, Joe Biden drew a line right down the middle during his Georgia speech.

You are either on the side of racists and segregationists or you are on his side.

It was, by and far, the most divisive speech given by a White House occupant.

Wegmann, who was clearly terrified while asking the question, put Biden on the spot for making such a comparison, at which point Joe Biden challenged him to go read what he actually said…

Well, Joe, we did… and you did put people on one or the side of this fight.

Social media immediately blew up over the exchange…

I credit Wegmann for asking the question, but he should have had the exact quote in his hand.

He also needs to act like a man, come right back at Biden during the presser, and not slink away like a scared child.

Wegmann gets a B for the initial question but an F for everything afterward.

The media is still letting Biden get away with far too much at these pressers.

The lack of pushback and follow-up questions is just infuriating when you hear the man spewing nothing but lies.

Source: Fox News

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14 Responses

  1. Biden NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OUT!! YESTERDAY!! He’s incapable and not even our true president!! He & the Dems STOLE THE ELECTION!! He’s DISGUSTING & MADDENING WITH ALL THE DAMAGE HE HAS DONE TO OUR USA!! Not to mention the border CRISIS!! We’re TOTALLY SICK OF HIM & all of his cabinet!!

    1. Biden is a total Failure on every thing I knew when this idiot Decided to run I knew he would be a Total Desaster The only reason they tried to past the Voting rights act so they could cheat again just like the last time Trump was right now they are trying to Frame him for this Jan 6 Bull Crap because they know they can’t win the only one they have to run against Trump is Crooked Hillary Clinton the Campaign robber this whole bunch needs to be Put in Jail I’m ready for the Big Red Wave

  2. The reporter should of thrown a shoe at Biden. Biden is nothing but a loud mouth puppet doing Soros and Obama bidding. He doesn’t have a brain at all. Useless tool. Joe Biden is not the president. A mentally ill evil old man. Should be in prison not the White House.

  3. i have never seen such a delapidated president on tv! the press never asked about the people left in afganistan !
    what about all the the military machines left to the teliban,to use against the united states!this pos could not answer anything asked him!!! he look like a mindless ( P O CRAP ) on tv !!!!!

    1. We are in a war with a list of possible enemies and no direct conflict other than the destruction of our great republic. Even our thought to be allies the United Nations has been helping fund and transport illegal aliens into and throughout our country. It seems besides the criminal Democrats we are up against the whole world and a third of our fellow citizens aka the Democrat party . Trump won also. The conspiracy will come to light soon.

  4. To, All Patriots across our Nation stay Strong, and know that the Lord is with us all. The Lord sees all and and hears all. To all those who are trying to tear down our Nation.know that the Lord sees what you are doing!! The Lord is going to have the final say!!! I want to encourage all people across our Nation and this world to that the Lord is with us all. And know that the Lord Loves you and cares for us all

  5. For The Love of God, when will this country wake up and get this illegitimate president out of office, stop the fake news from lying to the American Citizens, get the politicians in congress under control, and get them to also stop lying to the American People! There will be no changes until we can get these corrupt and immoral politicians out of congress!

  6. There are two things among others that are necessary. 1- A Truth in Reporting Bill as we have a truth in advertising Bill, it should also hold the employers Responsible. 2- We need some rules of eligibility to run for Public Office. Like an IQ of 100, natura born citizenship, 5-year residency if naturalized, tests in knowledge of the Constitution,
    other forms of Governments, History (American and World) etc.

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