Biden Snaps, Walk Out After Question on Student Loan Program

Joe Biden does not like being questioned, period.

If you have ever had the displeasure of meeting this man in person, you know the venom that can pour out of his face when he feels crossed.

That was Joe Biden after coming back to the White House after more than two weeks in the sun.

Is It Fair?

A reporter asked Biden a legitimate question, and he snapped with a completely irrelevant answer.

The reporter simply asked if it was “fair” to those that have paid off our loans that we are not being hit with a $300 billion tab on these student loans that Biden is wiping off the books.

Biden snapped back, “Is it fair to people who in fact do not own multibillion-dollar businesses to see when these guys get all the tax breaks? Is that fair?

“What do you think?”

Then he walked out of the room.

I have the video below teed up to that moment, but you can backpedal when you have time to watch all 20 or so minutes of the presser…

First, Biden’s answer has nothing to do with the question.

How about tapping someone like George Soros to pay for these debts instead of pouring hundreds of millions into elections every year?

That is a whole other topic of discussion, though.

As far as Biden is concerned, check out that full video… the man is not well.

After almost three weeks out of the office, not to mention his COVID break, he looks as feeble as ever.

Watch his gait as he walks out of the room… this is a man that is struggling to stay upright if you ask me.

After Biden’s plan was revealed, even Obama advisers ripped Biden for playing a shell game here, conveniently pulling measuring sticks from a variety of different fields to suit his narrative, the most vocal of these being a former economic adviser for former President Barack Obama, Jason Furman.

This debt transfer is not only going to stick us with a massive tab, Furman stated that our household costs would go up significantly as a result.

He stated, “The stimulus is relatively small (a multiplier of ~0.1). So the inflation impact is likely to be about 0.2-0.3pp.

“That is $150-200 in higher costs for a typical household.”

He is dead set on financially crushing us all.

Source: Breitbart

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50 Responses

        1. Yes but sadly , the Rats will find a new home , a new way to survive until they can thrive again . And thrive they will , I just wonder how much money is Joe gonna profit from this little scam . Or is this about buying the votes he needs to stay in power ?

      1. You are so right. If we don’t win this November, you can kiss the US goodbye. We will be taken over by China!!

        1. Biden is handing the US to China on a silver platter! I firmly believe that he’s getting paid off by China and that’s why he won’t confront them on anything!

    1. Praying every day I will read in the paper Biden had a good heart attack or stroke. Same for his heathen cabinet, his corrupt buddies in congress, and heathen financiers like George Soros. Pray daily. God works wonders.

        1. I’m NOT praying for The Great Potato to die……just to stroke out and linger in silence and extreme pain for ten years. After all, what’s fair is fair!!

      1. My prayer too…..not supposed to wish death or ill will on anyone, but I’ll make an exception in these cases! I cannot stomach that walking corpse…the “anger” dementia fosters is all over his face. I hope with all my heart that this POS knows how much he is hated!!!!

    2. I never met an Obama or a Biden.
      Met a few Bushes and some Kennedys.
      Met Bill and Hillary.
      They were all the lowest scum imaginable.
      Met Billy Carter who parlayed being a lout and a conman into a lucrative career. He was head and shoulders above the rest of them in character.

  1. Once again biden shows how unprepared he is the be the POTUS. He’s a TOTAL JOKE. Get this nincompoop, lame, lousy shadow of an American out of The Oval Office as soon as humanly possible … HE STINKS !

    1. Brain Farts usually do stink and Joe is one big Brain Fart ! I have been watching and wondering , is he trying to top Obama in how rich he can become while in office ?

  2. They always talk about these guys that own multi billion dollar business that don’t pay taxes. There can’t be that many of them for one thing. And at the rate Joe Biden is destroying our country, it will be a miracle if any of these billionaire business stay in business.

  3. Biden is a total f-up. Hopefully the good lord we take care of him soon. He has toatally destroyed this great country. Please take all the other democratic losers with him. The Calvary is coming , I just pray it is not too late. Pray for this country to turn around in the midterms otherwise we are done.

    1. No , just a snake ! In fact , I am willing to bet Joe Biden is a direct decendent of the snake that got Adam & Eve evicted from the Garden of Eden . Or maybe he is the same snake ? He is old enough .

  4. VOTE for Republicans and make HidenBiden a “Lame Duck POTUS” before he totally bankrupts this country and a LOT of taxpaying citizens. Keep him from selling the USA to China or Russia (probably China) so Hunter can fly to China for Hookers and Crack). If “Little Paulie” can fly on a side trip to Japan to take care of some ‘family business’ on taxpayers’ dime Hunter might do the same. I thought Hunter would go on a side trip from his taxpayers’ paid vacation with his Dad “The Big Man” and we’d never see or hear from him again. Except for the times he will share his pictures on all social networking sites. HidenBiden talks about trying to end SS and SSD. My husband and I depend on it. We’d lose everything and might not be able to put food on our table. Will learn to like venison more. NO GUNS, we just take baseball bats and slam them to the ground from the path. Biden must have been given the checkbook to the Government and told as long as there are checks in the checkbook he can write as many checks and in any amount, until he runs out of checks. Then AOC or one of her Squad members, or Bernie refills it every night before the WH is locked for the night. Someone just keeps printing money. I think he is ‘kiting’ checks. What happens if one of the new IRS Agents, with a gun, goes “Postal?” We are getting screwed with our taxpayers’ money. Have Faith and VOTE!!! Sorry this is not the least bit ‘succinct’,

  5. Does Biden just get to hand out money with no oversight from anyone? What happened to the checks and balances that our government was built on? I am a Republican and I am for Donald Trump, but until the Republicans stand up and take charge of our country they will not get a single penny from me.

  6. This is a coward of an old man who gives” hairbrain iddiotic” responses to all relevant questions ; but cowers to the likes of Putin and the chinese ! How did we get stuck with this clown !

  7. These crooks have clearly forgotten who works for who. Taxation is theft and all of these A$$ Hats in DC have gotten really good at spending OUR money! They have one set of rules and law for them, and a different set for the rest of us. The Government should not be allowed to make ANY Laws that they themselves are not held to. They all need to go away!

  8. It is not just puppet Dementia Joey. Decisions are made by those who control his teleprompter …. the coup puppet masters … Presidents Obama and Pelosi. They pull his strings. This is a vote buying maneuver.

  9. We certainly want Biden OUT of the White House!!!
    We will be wiped out financially, before Biden’s remaining 2 1/2 years END!!!
    But if Biden is gone, our next choices are Harris & Pelosi! YIPES!!!

  10. Seize Biden’s bank account to pay for what he is doing. Bidenand his VP both are a disaster for America. Something has to be done as we cannot put up with this until 2024 as America will be demolished with Biden’s spending erratically.

  11. Joe is likely on a ton of steroids to keep him going. Just another reason to get him out of office as soon as possible. Who falls going upstairs? Who falls off a bicycle standing still? Who gives hand shakes to thin air or re-shakes a hand that they just shook seconds earlier?

  12. Without any a doubt, this (joe biden) creepy old pervert has proven to be nothing more than a deceitful thieving parasite. And, just like the rest of all of his “commie-democrat-comrades” .. biden is just another treasonous disloyal coward who’s morally and intellectually unqualified .. totally unfit to do honor to the position that he managed to steal with the help of haters of our Nation whom are treasonous parasites just like himself.

  13. My concern is this: If Biden goes, whom do we get? Harris! I believe she would be far worse than Biden. So let’s flood Congress with conservatives and keep either Joe or Kamala from taking our nation down.

  14. nothing is going to happen to Biden and his gang for they ALL are payed for by SOROS big money machine!

  15. Biden is not only dead set on financially crushing us, but also he is dead set on freezing us to death along with starving us. He is an evil, hateful, demented anti-American moron. God help us before it is beyon redemption.

  16. I believe my Christian soul doesn’t allow me to wish evil on those already evil, but it doesn’t stop me from doing everything in my power to vote against them and their other demons!!
    We chose to close our eyes, with some claiming, “He is now our president. Live with it!” How stupid and demented are we to do this???
    We don’t live with having this administration destroy our wonderful country and LIVE WITH IT!!! We fight back by paying attention and when we have the right to vote against whatever this cruel, monstrous party asks of us, we fight against by voting NO!!
    If we don’t get this done and soon, we will wind up like third world countries where the people HAVE NO VOTE!!!

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