Biden State Department Says Taliban ‘Candid and Professional’

Joe Biden and his State Department have a new buddy.

After meeting with the Taliban over the weekend, the administration called the Taliban “candid and professional.”

Considering the terrorist group has already threatened to block any efforts to control radicals in Afghanistan, that is a pretty shocking assessment of the group.

Negotiating with Terrorists

The Biden administration held meetings with the Taliban over the weekend.

According to reports, part of the negotiations were to be to secure the transport of citizens, green card, and SIV holders.

State Department spokesperson Ned Price stated, “U.S. delegation focused on security and terrorism concerns and safe passage for U.S. citizens, other foreign nationals and our Afghan partners, as well as on human rights, including the meaningful participation of women and girls in all aspects of Afghan society.

“The two sides also discussed the United States’ provision of robust humanitarian assistance, directly to the Afghan people.

“The discussions were candid and professional with the U.S. delegation reiterating that the Taliban will be judged on its actions, not only its words.”

Now, read that statement very carefully because it sure sounds like Biden is about to send a boatload of cash over to Afghanistan.

If anyone thinks that “robust humanitarian assistance” will ever get to the people of Afghanistan, they are out of their minds.

Also, considering the Taliban has already dialed back women’s rights, do they think these discussions were taken seriously by the Taliban?

This meeting was a con, period.

The Taliban needs money, and it looks like Biden is about to open the checkbook on empty promises.

Source: Fox News

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31 Responses

    1. I’ve been saying this this stated. The State Department of our US government (as well as other places like Homeland Security) has been infiltrated by Islam! How stupid can we continue to be not to see this? And Biden appointed them as per Obama bin Laden probably requested!

    2. He does not care, those who put him in his glory should be a shame, but I feel the demoncrabs don’t have any type of shame or care for their families, they are so dumb that they think that POS pre is God, wait until time gets here and he is gone, they will feel it, I know that some demons don’t understand the politics and they are battling in their mind to find out, but a lot of them are communist.

  1. This is enough to me to arrest Biden for Treason – we cannot allow this man to send OUR money to these evil people…..He is evil and behind the fall of our great COUNTRY United States of America… How can he continue to get away with selling us out?

    1. It’s called complete control of the Government. Some Republican House members have submitted articles of Impeachment already, but Pelosi with the Majority just tears them up and throws them away, hopefully , if the country survives , the Midterms will change all that

      1. If you don’t follow up on all requests, specially (the Impeachment request) I know for sure they will end up in the trash bin

    2. There’s way more than enough to shoot the worthless, feckless, moronic, lying, racist, lunatic, idiot, piece of sh$t right between the eyes. This thing that thinks it’s a President is more than just worthless, the Devil don’t want it.

    1. He just hates the USA because his Drug addict son was thrown out of the Army and wants everyone to suffer for him, he is still a drug addict and will not stop, look in his laptops.

  2. I didn’t realize how the Taliban has become our new buddies? Aren’t they the ones who caused 9/11?
    He doesn’t need to send them our Money. Obama did that when he was in office.

    1. That’s because Obama is one of the Taliban, and the stupid people of this country bought Obama’s act, and voted for him!

  3. You know when a person askes for money and he is hungry, offer him food not money. The same with the Taliban don’t give those thugs Money send them food for the people, NO MONEY The people will
    never see the aid.

  4. did youall think he would condem the terroris that kill americans and those that support killing people who helped americans? biden is a traitor in a sheep costume !!!

  5. That is because Biden is a member of the Taliban, just like the radical leftists but the democrats are too dumb to see through him.

  6. Incompetent Biden is a threat to the National security of our country. These are immediate grounds for IMPEACHMENT !

  7. Here is the truth that the American people need to know. The Taliban are buddies with communist China, and China helped the Taliban to take over Afghanistan! Biden knew that the Taliban would take it over, and that was all part of the plan, since communist China owns Biden, and that is what China wanted! When will the American people get their heads out, and realize that China owns Biden, and we are in serious danger of becoming under communist control?!

    1. Very well portrayed. I have been saying something along this line forever (though not as eloquently. Thank you for your comments. Liberals need to wake up. As I wrote in another post; What is it this for you main stream Liberals? I know why this administration eats this up; they want power and control. But what is in this for you. The same that is true for Conservatives, will also be true for you. We will be controlled to a point that we won’t want to live anymore. PLEASE WAKE UP!! Our country is at stake.

  8. Isn’t this enough to warrant the removal of Biden from office immediately? We can’t wait for impeachment, we need to execute the 25th Amendment now, for Biden, Harris, and Pelosi.

  9. Biden Harris and PELOSI have turned to communism and are openly supporting these thugs in Afghanistan and China. Do we not have any politicians who have the backbone to help us save this country .. if no one comes to our rescue we will not have a UNITED STATES ANY LONGER. It is a sin what has been going on behind the scene.
    Obama,crooked Hillary and Soros are doing the dirty work for Biden because he is incompetent and so is Harris as well.

  10. Please, family, get strong and get these people out, we are begging you to do something immediately, we cant continue living in this stage of the game, I feel going crazy, I have taught all my life that there is no Barrier so solid that we can’t cross

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