Biden Suggests Voting Republican is Threat to Democracy

Joe the Unifier is at it again.

He knows Democrats are going to lose and they are going to lose big on Tuesday, or whatever day the votes are finalized.

So, Biden is once again painting MAGA Republicans as a threat to sway voters.

Fearmongering at Its Best

This is pathetic, to say the least.

Biden says the violence has to stop, yet he is once again painting MAGA supporters as the enemy of the state.

Biden even called them “dark forces.”

He stated, “We’re facing a defining moment.

“We must with one overwhelming, unified voice speak, as a country and say there’s no place for voter intimidation or political violence in America.”

He continued, “It’s estimated that more than 300 [GOP] election deniers are on the ballot all across America this year.

“This is not about me … It’s about the durability of our democracy.”

Biden just kept pouring it on, adding, “This violence against Democrats, Republicans, and nonpartisan officials just doing their jobs are the consequence of lies told for power and profit.

“Lies repeated over and over to generate a cycle of anger, hate, vitriol, and even violence.”

That last line made me laugh considering the lies and rhetoric that have come out of Joe’s face the last two years.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel responded, “Joe Biden promised unity but has instead demonized and smeared Americans, while making life more expensive for all.

“While Republicans remain focused on the issues that matter most to voters, Biden and Democrats are flailing in the final days because they have lost touch with the concerns of families struggling to get by.”

Let’s face facts… this country is not going to unite, as the division that has been generated by politicians is not going to die down anytime soon.

So let’s just stay focused on the issues… oh, wait, Joe Biden created all the issues in this country right now.

Joe, to take a line from “A Few Good Men,” you are going to lose, and you are going to lose big.

Source: Fox News