Biden Tells US Intelligence Officials to Plug the Leaks

We all thought the links during the Trump administration were outrageous.

Biden’s team has had just as many, if not more since he took office.

The difference is that the leaks during the Trump administration were to make Trump look bad.

Some of the leaks that are happening now are creating national security issues.

Stop It

The latest round of leaks has gotten Russia’s ears up.

Everyone on the planet knows that the United States is feeding Ukraine information to help them win this war against Russia.

It has never been “formally” proven, though.

That all changed last week when intelligence leaks were reported that US intelligence helped Ukraine sink a prized Russian warship.

There were additional leaks that the United States was proving information to Ukraine “with the intent to kill Russian generals.”

Biden was reportedly “displeased” with the leaks and the administration has called them “inaccurate.”

Jen Psaki addressed the leaks, stating that Biden’s view “was that it was an overstatement of our role, an inaccurate statement, and also an understatement of the Ukrainians’ role and their leadership, and he does not, did not, (feel) they were constructive.”

Source: CNN

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32 Responses

      1. Now that is a good idea!!! If drugs don’t work then how about some mud? Or better yet put the drugs in the mud and give him both.
        I am 83 at this time and I have never seen a worse administration then this one. Biden has outdone them all.

  1. Not to worry. All part of Obama’s plan to rule the world, descend immortal into Paradise where Allah will sit on his right hand side in adoration. (Oh, he will then get 75 virgin dudes…)

    1. You are correct. Barack Obama is a Shiite Muslim just like his biological father. That’s why the puppet master and his puppet clown, Jotato Obiden, are Iranian sympathizers. Obama and the DemonRats are the greatest threat to our Democratic Republic, bar none. FBO!!! FJB!!!

  2. Considering we are on the verge of cold war II this demented old fart is not the leader (a leader?) we need. Frankly there is no one in the Democrat party with either the brains or experience to run this show including that carnaval barker himself Barack O’criminal.

  3. No security in this pretend white house, leaks everywhere, so Old Joe steps up and lies about it and has his little mouthpiece elaborate. By this point, all this is sadly predictable – to the letter.

  4. Well JOES already been keeping Putin up to date on everything we’ve done. But I get it he can’t allow the voter’s to know about his and Putin’s sharing for more cash he’s a Snake

    1. Tom, don’t know where you live, but i live in the county and always have! You have seen Texas Stadium from the blimp when they cover the whole field- that is my yard that I mow. We have some beautiful colored snakes but you don’t want to get bit by one. One of the first things you learn living out in the big ol world is about snakes and what is the first thing you do? You kill it but the first thing is chop its head off! The rest of kinda flops around a bit but the head just sits there. The Biden, Obama, Clinton, Soros Crime Families are the head of the snakes and i bet you can guess what needs to be done with that lot!

  5. What Psaki you know the circle back twit whose leaving for good on fri the 13th bad onam says don’t believe anything brain dead says well of course we the people don’t believe is pathological liar ever that’s on him

    1. How did anyone vote for this President? Worst choice ever. He must to be a one term
      President only.

  6. If the current administration fails to destroy us on one front, not to worry, they are destroying our country on innumerable other fronts. Democrats are busy inventing new ways to take us down every day.

  7. Whoooa horse the peole are waking up and seeing how the demoncrats hosed them extra deep,now they realise demoncrates only care about them selves and their power nothing else is worh their time.

  8. Leaks, yes. Dems are a sinking ship going down fast. They couldn’t make good anything without stabbing us in the back. It probably is rogue military people going against that idiot. We will never know. The destroying idiot can’t control anything.

  9. I bet Pelosi, Milkey and the rest of the scum are happy. Biden is a sick man needs to go along with Dr, Biden. What a joke. Term Limits please.

    Richard Bright

  10. If you want to see all this incompetence and collusion , conspiracy, sedition ad acts of oppression cease and deist. NEVER vote for another Progressive at any level of government as the last thing they are; IS AMERICAN ORIENTED.Thousands of our veterans are homeless and either drug or alcohol addicted or suffering from PTSD but THIS government gives the benefits they EARNED in patriotic service to ILLEGALS along with benefits they never paid for and are NOT entitled to by any Constitutional Standard. I AM A 77 YEAR OLD100% DISABLED BY AGENT ORANGE VIETNAM VET WITH A 55 YEAR OLD DEGREE IN GOVERNMENT AND, WHAT I HAVE WATCHED THE COUNTRY I LOVE TURN INTO SINCE MY HONORABLE AND DISABLING SERVICE 53 YEARS AGO ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD DEFENDING ALL THAT IS TODAY UNDER CONSTANT ATTACK BY THIS UN-AMERICAN U.N AGENDA 21 , NEW WORLD ORDER ADVOCATING, OATH VIOLATING MALFEASANT IN OFFICE AND DERELICT IN DUTY AND OBLIGATION ADMINISTRATION., I FIND TO BE A MAJOR AFFRONT! IN MY OPINION: THEY ALL BELONG IN PRISON FOR THESE CRIMES, NEVER ELECTIVE OFFICE. However, in our corrupted justice system; equitable justice is not possible since a dual standard exists; one for the political, media and corporate elites and another for we peasants! The weasels in Washington and all over make me sick! period! REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER AND TAKE THEM ALL OUT OF ELECTIVE OFFICE NOW AND FOREVER . THE FUTURE OF OUR PROGENY, INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES, PERSONAL CHOICES AND PRIVATE PROPERTY SAVED BY DOING SO WILL BE YOUR OWN!

    1. What’s sickening is, people will vote for more Demonrats! They think they’re doing a great job. Any moron who thinks that shouldn’t be allowed to vote!

  11. Glad to see Psaki gone, but her replacement seems like she will be worse. But then what can you expect from the Biden Admin.

  12. typical America, lie after lie, all under severely dementia ridden Biden and all of his unrealistic reality plans

  13. More misinformation and disinformation comes out of the mouths of the President, VP, and Biden’s Press Secretary. How can anyone believe what comes out of their mouths because of all the lies told? And the Administration needs a new Truth Office? To cover for who? And for why?

  14. In other words this administration was spreading misinformation or dis information so Russia would not catch up as quick. Now Biden says stop after he has been that he is part of the problem with misinformation or disinformation.

    1. Rick, that is his roll in all of this! Remember Biden loves money! He gets paid for his dirty work just like Hunter got paid for al of his! That is who your Shadow president is – he is a criminal! From Head to Toe! CRIMINAL there is not another word for him! Takes money from other countries, allows Fauci to do his ting with Wuhan Labs and the US pays for it, will never allow production of gas/oil in this country, we paid for Putin war on the Ukraine by Biden buying oil from Putin – we funded the war and with our funding it – we the USA killed thousand of people that just wanted to live their lives like we do! Gee thanks Shadow president, number one head snake! You are such a good leader – right straight to the devil!

  15. I am all for helping Ukraine, but aren’t we sending an awful lot of money to them? Is there an accounting anywhere as to what this money is being used for? Biden is letting our country be destroyed by the millions of illegals swarming into our country via the Southern Border and there is not one thing being done to stop it. In fact, these illegals are being invited to move in via the Biden Administration. They are given “free” everything while many Americans can barely scrape by. Does anyone else see this picture? I feel there is something that smells to high heaven. What does Ukraine have on Biden and his crackhead son?

  16. “Let’s be honest here. Joe Biden is unwell. He’s unfit for office. He’s incoherent, incapacitated and confused. He doesn’t know where he is half the time. He’s incapable of leading and he’s incapable of carrying out his duties. Period. Everyone knows it. No one is willing to say it. But we have to, for the sake of the country. Joe Biden can’t do the job.” – Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott said this of President Joe Biden on 5/10/22 Joe Biden is unwell. He’s unfit for office. He’s incoherent,incapacitated and confused,BIDEN UNFIT for office,incoherent joe,joe biden is not well,rick scott joe biden,biden gaffes,biden gaffe.FINALLY THE TRUTH EMERGES,THROW THE BUM OUT IT’S IMPEACHMENT TIME, ALL CORRUPT BIDENS HAVE TO GO

  17. Has anyone looked at Joe & Nancy’s personal portfolio? I would bet it is loaded with petroleum
    Stock. Every time you buy gas, some of it goes in their pockets.
    Look what oil has done since he became president. He drove the price through the roof. Whoever is controlling Branden is not stupid. We are!!!!

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