Did Joe Biden Just Steal from a ‘The Simpson’s’ Episode?

Usually, art imitates life.

This time, however, it is life imitating art.

If you are a fan of “The Simpson’s,” you are not going to believe this report.

The Simpsons

In 2007, there was an episode of “The Simpson’s” where Tom Hanks is pressed into duty.

The government recruited Hanks to do a PSA.

Now, this is where it gets pretty funny, as Hanks’ opening line is, “Hello. I’m Tom Hanks. The US Government has lost its credibility, so it’s borrowing some of mine.”

Let’s fast-forward 15 years for a new White House announcement.

Biden’s inaugural committee announced that Hanks would be doing a video to mark Joe’s first anniversary in office.

The committee stated, “In recognition of the President’s first year in office, the Biden-Harris Presidential Inaugural Committee believed it was important to celebrate the strength and perseverance of the American people in the face of extraordinary adversity, just as we did a year ago today.”

The move was quickly picked up on by conservatives who could not believe this actually just happened…

Tom Hanks is an amazing actor, but he is also a bleeding heart liberal.

However, I can say this…

The video appearance for Biden will have to be his best acting performance EVER if he thinks he is going to be able to sell this clown show as a legitimate administration that has actually achieved something during its first year.

And here is some clever editing combing the episode and the real life video…

What do you think of Hanks doing a video to promote Biden and Harris’ “achievements” during the first year in office?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Daily Caller

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23 Responses

  1. it would be funnier if it was where mr burns falling down the stairs ! tom hank should go back to that island where he was stranded and live playing with the crabs!

  2. Go back to Australia and get back under the rock where You have been hiding the last 3 or so Years! My mates there hate You as bad as We do. Id suggest You not be caught in the outback Mate

  3. I pray that when our own people hear what Tom Hanks is doing that they will feel the way I do!
    I use to like Tom Hanks, but I have lost all respect for this man ( swamp rat)!

  4. Lol! Tom Hanks! Now this is overboard! Rhino’s, Leftist’s Liberal’s will keep trying to push their lies of propaganda! We Patriot’s knows truth! Give up the ship! Tyrant’s are sinking to the abyss!

  5. Hollywood’s “alleged” relevance is over rated. Hanks may be a good actor, but again, Tom, it is “make believe” and none of it is true!!!!!

  6. Hanks can act. I can agree with that.
    Biden and his crew have pushed us down a path to destroy our great country for evil greed.

  7. They hired an actor because it’s all scripted. The left lives in la la land so having an actor represent their party is no surprise. Hanks is a good actor but even he won’t convince most people that the lies are truth. Maybe it’ll be more like a this is how it should have been but isn’t. It’s sad that Hank’s is the one who decided to do it. I guess a lot of actors and athletes just want to be relevant because in reality they’re not.

  8. Are there any accomplishments in the Biden-Harris administration.
    1. getting out of Afghanistan…NOT;
    2. Hard on China…NOT;
    3. Hard on Russia…NOT;
    4. Hard on Israel (our only democratic ally in the middle east)
    too many others to list

  9. TOM HANKS – I have never, ever been so disappointed in someone as I am disappointed in you. Always admired you, but your far-left liberal views are too much for me to overcome. I HAVE LOST ALL RESPECT. PERIOD.

  10. Credibility??? Tom Hanks was regular at Epstein’s Pedophile Island . That’e one of the reasons he moved to Greece .What a POS

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