Biden to Attend Queen’s Funeral, But…

Joe Biden is about to hit the road when the funeral arrangements for Queen Elizabeth II are announced.

This has infuriated some conservatives, and for very good reason.

Biden has no problem traveling over the pond for a photo op, but he cannot travel to the southern border for a domestic crisis or even attend a single funeral for a police officer shot and killed in the line of duty.


When Biden was asked about attending the funeral services, he stated, “Yes. I don’t know what the details are yet, but I’ll be going.”

I suspect he will also have Jill and possibly Hunter in tow.

He was also asked if he had reached out to newly crowned King Charles III to express his condolences.

Biden responded, “I know him. I haven’t spoken to him. I did not call him.”

Biden had also released a statement after the Queen’s death, stating, “She was a great lady.

“We’re so delighted we got to meet her.”

He added, “Queen Elizabeth II was more than a monarch. She defined an era.”

I am more concerned that Biden will be spending millions to attend what amounts to be a photo op when he still has not visited the border to see firsthand what is going on.

Or, better yet, instead of going to England for the pomp and circumstance of a Royal funeral, how about attending the funeral of a few of our killed in the line of duty police officers?

What about the funerals of the troops killed in Afghanistan due to his botched withdrawal?

Instead, it appears that Biden is hoping to be able to claim that he is the first sitting Oval Office occupant to attend a British state funeral.

That may sound odd, but the fact of the matter is that with Queen Elizabeth II having reigned for 70 years, the relationship with the crown prior to this was not exactly all strawberries and whipped cream.

Realize she has been wearing the crown for roughly 40 percent of our country’s existence.

Source: New York Post

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29 Responses

  1. I know that attending the queen’s funeral is appropriate but I just can’t understand why he is so chicken to visit the border when he knows we have the biggest crisis there because of his stupidity!!!!!!!

      1. Appears that biden, bo cronies do their dirty work of treason so they don’t get nailed for insurrection ! Beside a fact that charlie also a Trump hater & biden can use this B.S. propaganda to coverup the joe, king hate stench !

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    1. He’s scared to visit the southern border because he’s off in some delusional fantasy world, and if he goes down there, he’ll be forced to face the reality of his actions.

    2. I hope he has developed some manners and doesn’t shyt himself like he did the last time he was there.
      M.A.G.A. dittos!!!
      Let’s go Brandon!!!
      DeSantis or Trump 2025!!!
      America freedom 1/20/2025!!!

  2. He can go anyplace BUT the US Mex border
    & If he visits UK he can then again be a fool like he did in Last visit with Queen

  3. Biden’s only goal is for photo-ops during the run-up to the midterm election. IF he truly wanted to impress voters, he would go to the border, alone, and talk to the border agents personally, see what they actually go through every single day, see the impact on agents’ collective mental state, try to get a handle on the crisis that HE and his ‘administration have caused!! But no, it would make him look bad, incompetent, foolish, stupid, out-of-touch, mentally unstable…..I could go on. It took less than two years to DESTROY our secure border, invite in nonstop cartel drugs, and endanger the security of all Americans. Congratulations, Biden….history will critique your Presidency as one of the most inept and dangerous in America’s history.


  5. Attending the Queen’s funeral is a politically correct move. However, jerk off Biden has not, will not, and never intends to visit our Southern border. It’s planned that way, and always has been planned that way. The Obiden regime’s goal has always been to ruin our country and bring upon the great reset. God help us all and save us from these Evil Wicked Satanic leaders.

  6. Biden doesn’t see the boarder as an issue and dead police offices are just part of the job.

    I am so sick of this man.

  7. Why does everyone concern themselves with Biden activity? He’s not important! We need control OF BOTH HOUSES IN CONGRESS and this will nullify the President and all the supporters in Wasington.

  8. Off with his heads! The big one for the salvation of our nation and the little one to save all the little girls whose hair that he likes to sniff.

  9. To bring down obiden every Anerican needs to vote Republican for the sack of America! I’m not a Republican but their all getting my vote the dumbofks need to go every last one of them! Vote in Person Not by Mail! Go MAGA! Go USA! Let’s Go Brandon! FJB!

  10. He just wants to be able to say “I was there!” Like Waldo! (The question: Will he REALLY be there? and Will she?)
    Situation Update may be able to answer that.

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