Biden the Unifier to Hold ‘Unity Summit’

Joe Biden now wants to make peace with conservatives.

After the Mar-a-Lago raid, tensions are at an all-time high.

So, Joe the Unifier intends to hold a “Unity Summit” to promote peace and harmony across the aisle.

Shove It

Karine Jean-Pierre announced, “The United We Stand Summit will bring together heroes from across America who are leading historic work in their communities to build bridges and address hate and division, including survivors of hate-fueled violence.”

Nobody, and I mean nobody has fired more shots at conservatives and Republicans than this administration over the last 18 months.

Yet, once again, Biden spilled the milk, and now he wants to pretend he is a hero by offering to clean it up.

The problem is that this is about as disingenuous as it gets.

This is a headline grabber and nothing more, so why waste the time and allow him to have the headline?

If I were someone that was invited to this, I would have every negative quote that Biden has said about Republicans and conservatives, and all his Ultra-MAGA nonsense, and have it in a massive visual behind me while I explained why I would not be attending Joe Biden’s Unity Summit.

Sorry, Joe, but we have no interest in breaking bread with you, and anyone who sits down with you on the premise that you are there to promote unity is a fool.

Source: Breitbart

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8 Responses

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  3. he trying to cover up and smooth things over
    before MID TERMS
    he going to sugar coat lies and make you believe he doing everything to help the American people but
    all nothing but lies
    tell us how your going to tax the living sh*t out of us
    tell us how your wasting money to Ukraine and the idiot zelinsky is laughing all the way to the bank
    while millions upon millions illegal immigrants are here AND who is going to support them again the tax payers
    so your just going to lie again and make up something stupid like you always do and then shake hands with the ghost and fall of stage
    hope they tell you to go pound sand

  4. Biden your to late to many lies to many promise broken the whole world knows when you open your mouth another lie will come out you can’t speak without telling a big lie I won’t wast my time to listen to you it everybody’s fault that the country bad shape not yours but that’s a big lie we the people know who is at fault Sleppy joe. Brandon it all comes down to just one name biden all his fault the man that is not the president of these United States traitor joe you did not do your duty and keep the boarders closed mow we’re over run you joe ate a traitor to your country and to the American people I hope they put you in prison and all your goonsfor what you have done and what your still doing so take you summit lies and stick it where the sun don’t shine I will not listen to your summet lies why waist my time

  5. Joe Biden must actually hate himself as much as he hates this country, traitors usually take the money and run, hells bells, his owners probably hate him. If he was liked by his owners he would not be the sacrificial cadaver butt u bj er jb.

  6. As i predicted, the BITEM rat squad will bring in the greatest screenwriters, speech makers, marketers, Hollywood actors a couple of months before the Elections and paint a Utopian scenario of his greatness and though both sides of the Civil War know the truth about this FARSE of an Administration, the weak-minded, the elderly, certain Independents will EAT IT UP just enough to swing the outcome. All these “amazing” Bills signed recently have almost no chance of being implemented and ever if a small part was, it would come in at least double the cost but just enough to get these Swamp rats their pay raises. But on 2nd thought, BITEM did cure cancer and Covid (ya know, that virus that he said Trump had no plan to deal with) so maybe he deserves another chance…yeh right. How many sheep will believe this bee ess again?

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