Biden to Paint Conservatives as Enemy During National Address

Mr. Unity is at it again.

Biden is headed to the battleground state of Pennsylvania to give a speech and make the big push with the election only 10 weeks away.

According to reports, the theme of the speech is that American democracy is “under attack” by MAGA conservatives.

Reverse Psychology

I cannot help but laugh at how devious this is on Biden’s part.

Before his extended vacation, Biden announced that he would hold a unity summit to bring together both sides of the aisle.

It was only days later that the administration started to attack conservatives.

Biden has since ramped up those attacks, reviving his ultra-MAGA theme.

Several days ago, Biden appeared at a private fundraiser, calling MAGA conservatives semi-fascists.

That is the same plan of attack he will have tonight.

The irony in all of this is that the MAGA movement is about less government control and more freedom for the people of this country.

That is literally the exact opposite of fascism.

This new Democrat idea of government is what actually fits the definition of fascism.

Fascism: “a political system headed by a dictator in which the government controls business and labor, while outlawing opposition.”

How many executive orders has Joe Biden signed?

Who just wiped out student debt with the swipe of a pen?

Who is trying to silence conservatives for having an opposing view?

What side of the aisle is being censored on social media and in emails by big tech?

Who forced businesses to have employees vaccinated?

Who is about to give a speech to paint the other side of the aisle as the enemy of the people and our Republic for having an opposing position?

I can tell you this, there is not one answer to any of those questions that start with Republicans or conservatives.

The next time some goofy liberal calls you a fascist, ask them to define the word. I would be surprised if they even know what it means.

Source: Fox News

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29 Responses

  1. Biden is an idiot. Nothing he SAYS has any merit in REALITY because he left reality a LONG TIME AGO. He is a consummate LIAR and I wouldn’t trust him to tell me the weather outside. His whole family are felons of one type or another and his upbringing taught him NOTHING, if he thinks going to a parochial school makes him a Christian, he is sadly mistaken.

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      1. BIDEN is the most corrupt thieving lying degenerate to ever hold any position in gorverance. He has to be on trial for his CORRUPT life in Washington. Along with his brother and baby boy Hunter they ALL ARE TRAITORS TO AMERICA

    2. He is no Christian, he is a MADMAN AND DANGEROUS. He has so much Blood on his hands. He exited Afghanistan and 13 of our Great Military Men and Women where killed (May they Rest in Peace) and other Military Men and Women were seriously injured and the killing and Deaths of 200 Afghani people and the thousands of Americans he left behind to be hunted down and will be killed by the Taliban, if they are caught. Violence and Killings, Raping, Stealing, Drugs are out of control and he has done nothing, just like when BLM & Antifa who were peacefully protesting and were burning down cities, killing Police and innocent people.
      The American Voters better wake-up, before it’s to late and demand the MADMAN BE IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY.
      We are in a Recession and it is going to get worst.

    3. He is not an idiot, but he IS evil and guilty of being complicit with the globalist genocidal maniacs working to destroy America so it can control the world.

  2. WE KNOW our democracy is under attack. We’ve been watching it for two years now, and it IS NOT the Republicans. It is Dems and their BLM/Antifa thugs and their Gestapo three-letter thug groups.

    1. This clown will LOSE his grip after the midterms and WILL BE IMPEACHED. He KNOWS this and is exhibiting more desperation than usual, and it’s WONDERFUL TO SEE HIM SQUIRM.

    2. I want to know since when we a democratic country?USA history books tells me other wise.We are Republic because we Pledge To the Flag of the USA that stands for one Republic ( not democracy) Maybe I am confused.At this point democrats are pushing for democracy not Capitalism.Someone tell me if I make any sense about USA history?

  3. How can a President of any country condemn the citizens for wanting make their country great? My interpretation….We have a President that doesn’t want a great country and is doing everything within his power to prevent that from happening. This should be an article of impeachment.

  4. Biden is the demented puppet of Obama who is in his third term. The Muslim Marxist from Kenya is still following his America-hating dream.

  5. Poor old Joe if has done all the things he says he has he would 1100 years old the man is delusional but he still has enough sense to hate Americans and The American way of life I hope that the Republicans remember the way the people have had to endure the fiasco under this Bi-dum administration and reward him with an impeachment along with impeachment of heels up Harris then investigations of the one who helped orchestrate this hardship on Americans God Bless America !!!!

  6. I wonder what ‘ mode ‘ he’ll get into, when he’ll be in front of God, in the Judgement Seat ( he’s old, his days are numbered. I’m not wishing him death, just stating a fact) God HATES liars. Have a nice trip, joe!

  7. Biden is nothing but a puppet reading off the teleprompter. Whoever is writing the speech is the one responsible for all the negative comments. Biden is too stupid to realize that all the people who he appointed are making a complete donkey out of him and are responsible for the low ratings. They have all gone after their own agendas making tons of money and putting the American people last. He will say and do anything they say so all his dirty secrets stay safe. What he doesn’t realize is that when their time comes to an end, all those dirty secrets will come out.

  8. Yes Mr.Biden was in kkk. When he was younger .or still may be.i no he hate blacks they just for show. New says he use shower with daughter Ashley ..and child trafficking ,he will answer to God just for part.along with the mess he doing Government now Hitler couldn’t do it any better.or we sure he not another world.I read a lots of different books.

  9. It is really ugly and hard to believe that a President of the United States is so full of hate, revenge and acting like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum. He is the President who should be speaking about unity and doing things to make people proud of this country. Somebody’s words are coming out with hate and jealousy. NOBODY wants a person running this country with that kind of attitude. If you want to be a Dictator, go to another country.

  10. One thing about it, in any history book that has not been banned or censored or burned by the current politicians, the dictator always dies.

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